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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Creatives can be tough to buy gifts for and if you’re a creator, then you know. We recommend shopping for a Mac® compatible monitor to give the best gift any creator can ask for! But with a wide variety of monitors available, which one do you choose? Well, look no further because we've got you covered! Here are some important features to shop for when looking for the best Mac® compatible monitors:

1. Convenient Connection
2. Color Accuracy
3. Monitor Specs
Convenient Connection

First, we recommend looking for a monitor with a USB-C ports, because most Mac® devices require an external adapter. These adapters are an extra cost and can be inconvenient when traveling from place to place. By having a USB-C port available on your monitor, you can conveniently save space and will help increase efficiency in your workflow. You can also charge your laptop at the same time with a USB-C port since it can deliver up to 90 watts of power. USB-C also allows you to move between different work places with only one cable!


USB-C is not the only important port you need on your monitor! Your monitor should at least have a HDMI port, DisplayPort, and USB hub. Check out this PD2725U monitor! It features all the necessary ports, including USB-C and a built-in USB hub so you can easily connect multiple devices to the monitor. 

Color Accuracy

Be consistent with your design by having a color accurate monitor! Color gamut and ICC profiles is one of the important features to see if your monitor is color accurate. Color gamut is the color range that is produced on a display. The higher or wider the color gamut, the more colors the monitor can display. We recommend selecting a monitor with a wider range of colors.


ICC profile is a set of data that defines the color space. Traditionally, you would have to adjust the settings to match the ICC profiles between the computer and monitor. To simplify the process, our PD series monitors includes ICCsync, an integrated software that instantly matches the ICC profiles. All you would need to do is activate ICCsync in the Display Pilot. Now you can create with confidence!


This PD3420Q monitor checks all the boxes when it comes to color accuracy thanks to AQCOLOR Technology available in our PD series monitors! It is equipped with 98% Display P3 and 100% Rec. 709 color space. Each monitor is out-of-the-box ready with Delta E ≤ 3 to ensure color accuracy and confidence.


Monitor Specs

The best monitors for Mac® devices need to have good resolution and be a decent size. We recommend having the highest resolution possible as it helps when the design is comprehensive or meticulous. A larger monitor also allows more space for other apps and windows on the screen.  Make sure to check out this PD3220U monitor! It is a 32-inch monitor featuring 4K resolution and daisy chain capabilities. Daisy chain allows you to seamlessly connect two monitors with your Mac® device. The monitor also features M-Book mode which allows you to recreate Mac Color on it.


Now you can shop with confidence when picking out the perfect monitor for creators! Learn more about our mac-compatible features here.


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