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How Colour Perception is Effected by Vibrant Colours

Mark Wood

Having the right equipment, including a monitor that can be hardware calibrated, is an essential part of every colour critical workflow; whether that is video, graphics, or stills photography. In this five minute video, professional photographer and BenQ Ambassador, Mark Wood explains how our colour perception is effected by vibrant colour, scale, and peripheral colours.

Taking a step beyond using professional equipment and understanding how to assess and overcome common problems should be a concern for anyone producing prints or onscreen output.

The video moves quickly through seeing false colour to the effect scale has on colour perception. It closes with a tip for quickly viewing a photograph in a variety of coloured mounts in Photoshop, and the practical application of Soft Proofing.

The video is one in a series of tutorials, overviews, and posts for BenQ by Mark Wood on a range of colour management topics.

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