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Are Branded Speakers on a Projector Really Better?

Getting the best performance out of your projector’s speakers involves synthesizing different aspects of the projector’s entire design, not just adding a brand name speaker.


With the market currently seeing an influx of well-known speaker brands getting into the projector business and designing amplifiers, speakers, and audio-related products for projectors, it bears asking, are branded speakers on a projector really better? In reality getting the best performance out of your projector’s speakers involves successfully synthesizing a lot of different aspects of the projector’s entire design, not just adding a brand name speaker. This includes considerations for elements such as chassis design, the projector’s inner mechanics, and the electrical engineering among others. 

the sound in the portable projector requires engineers' hard work

Designing Sound from the Ground Up

BenQ’s treVolo speakers and sound technology have garnered much acclaim over the past few years, building a solid reputation as being some of the finest engineers of both monitor speakers and standalone audio devices, so it was only natural that in looking to boost the audio performance of its line of portable projectors, BenQ ended up deploying the wide breadth of knowledge that the treVolo team had garnered from their experience onto said projectors.

As such, the focus then became developing consistent, all-encompassing 2.1-channel sound that would be precise across all sound ranges. While doing so BenQ eschewed off-the-shelf or pre-made parts, making sure instead that each piece of the puzzle within the projector was custom-designed so as to ensure that they would work in tandem with each other to optimize the sound that was produced. Through the use of these customized parts and the engineering behind them, the sound quality was finely tuned and tested to ensure peak fidelity.

BenQ GV30 GS50 have great built-in speakers for their trevolo sound technology

How BenQ and treVolo Elevated Their Portable Projectors’ Audio

In terms of the actual hardware innovations that took their portable projectors’ sound quality to a higher level, BenQ’s treVolo team implemented the following design changes:

2.1 Channel Audio

To expand the sound and cover a wider spectrum of audio, BenQ’s portable projectors were equipped with 2.1 channel audio which complemented their full-range dual stereo speakers with a dedicated sub-woofer for added bass. A further breakdown of the differences between the traditional 2.0 channel audio and BenQ’s 2.1 channel sound is detailed below:

*Suggest putting on your headphones for better audio comparison listening.

• Recording Device: Huawei Mate 8 Smartphone / Built-in Microphone

• Recording App: AVR X (Available for iOS and Android)

• Recording Location: 15.7in (40cm) directly behind the speaker

• Recording Level: Less than 0dB on AVR X’s level meter

• Recording Format: Stereo/MP3/256kbps/44.1kHz (also can be done in PCM)


the 270° sound hole design of BenQ portable projector
Dedicated Housing with Multi-Point Suspension System

Because the woofers used in BenQ portable projectors feature larger than average cones for stronger bass, a multi-point suspension assembly was also specially designed to act as a buffer to absorb energy from the woofer and thereby counter the resulting vibration and rattling. This design was then placed in a dedicated housing for the entire assembly in order to prevent distortion and crosstalk and eliminate unwanted negative bass effects such as bothersome shaking or rattling.

BenQ integrates each element into portable projector designs with treVolo technology
Speaker Driver with a Custom-Designed Neodynium Magnet

At the center of the speaker design is a speaker driver that utilizes a custom-designed neodymium magnet to produce crystal-clear audio.

Proprietary Digital Signal Processor with Multiple Sound Field Modes

BenQ’s audio enhancements extend beyond the pure hardware design aspects. While normal portable projectors might deliver simple and unrefined sound, BenQ didn’t settle for a single audio profile for all scenarios and content types.

The custom digital signal processors, or DSP, on BenQ’s portable projectors were custom-tuned by the treVolo team to generate realistic, engaging audio in various situations and listening conditions. However, this doesn’t mean simple and rigid presets were used. BenQ audio experts turned to the field of psychoacoustics, which as the name implies refers to the psychological perception of audio and the physiological effects of sound. This has become a science of its own, with precise calculations to measure the impact of sound on different listeners based on distance from the speaker, relative angle, room conditions, and more. Broadly speaking, BenQ treVolo sound modes for portable speakers cover cinema, game, music, and sports, each one painstakingly developed with their own individual profile based on psychoacoustics principles and a lot of focus testing along the way.

Objective Paramerers

Physical parmeter

Subjective parameters

What it all amounts to is a culmination of the years of experience and meticulous craftwork that the treVolo team distilled into the custom-design of BenQ’s top-flight portable projectors.

BenQ’s Projector Technology and treVolo’s Acoustic Expertise: Combining for the Ultimate Audio-Visual Experience

The end result of all this pain-staking work is a line of portable projectors that not only delivers pristine cinematic visuals – which BenQ is well known for – but also immerses the viewer in an audio experience that is not constrained by what might have traditionally been thought of as the limitations of a small form factor.

the sound in the portable projector requires engineers' hard work


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