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6.10- 6.20 Summer of Gaming: Use Code GAME10 to save up to $200 on selected gaming monitors and projectors

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Cyberpunk 2077 Glitters on Gaming Projectors with RPG Mode

Thanks to BenQ X Series optimization, minimal input lag, and beautiful big screen viewing, new gaming projectors from BenQ are great ways to explore the intricate realm of Cyberpunk 2077

What are the advantages of ultrawide curved monitors? We take a close look at gaming and more

Projectors make cyberpunk movie classics look their best thanks to amazing color and awe-inspiring big screen views. It stands to reason that new generation gaming projectors, with their low input lag and minimal latency, are awesome platforms for enjoying games like Cyberpunk 2077 and other action RPGs. How is that possible? What happened to old projectors and their notoriously slow response? Advancement happened. Projectors got augmented.

New gaming-optimized projectors like the BenQ X3100i and TK700STi not only offer the same fast response that you get with TVs, they also have a whole suite of game modes to ensure the best experiences for each gaming genre. Let’s take a quick scan of how these advanced gaming projectors help you make the most of Cyberpunk 2077

BenQ Gaming Projectors Level Up Play

In the early 2020s, engineers advanced the art of gaming projectors to whole new levels. No longer bound by annoying input lag, ghosting, or any such annoyances, new gaming projectors arose to the forefront. Gaming on a 100” screen with the same speed and accuracy as those of a much more expensive TV was made into a reality. The future has arrived.

Good gaming projectors work great with default settings, but if you opt for the BenQ path, then you get the extra brilliance of BenQ's gaming projectors. Without adding lag or any processing-related delays, the projector embodies the next evolution of what used to be the basic game mode. First off, the new BenQ gaming projector features optimization presets for FPS, RPG, and sports games (called SPG Mode). It then adds Detail Adjustment for smart sharpening and removing nasty aliasing effects, and goes even further with Fast Mode, which strips away obstacles along the data pathway for the lowest possible input lag.

But when talking about Cyberpunk 2077 and other action RPGs, we should first and foremost highlight RPG Mode. And for the sake of clarity, it’s important to note that the new BenQ gaming projector only works when the projector is set to Game or HDR Game in top menu picture mode selection. 


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So What Does RPG Mode Do?

You can engage the projector's FPS Mode for playing Cyberpunk 2077 is presented from a first person perspective unless modded. However, we think the best way to enjoy it is as an action RPG, and that calls for RPG Mode. At the flick of an OSD toggle, RPG Mode goes to work to enhance the video and audio you experience while gaming. Basically, the game-happy engineers at BenQ decided that RPGs, with their story and environment-focused approach, are cinematic in nature. And therefore RPG Mode aims to boost the cinematic impact of your favorite role playing games.

This entails BenQ CinematicColor technology kicking in, the same toolset that’s been winning awards as part of the BenQ home cinema projector series. Colors appear more vibrant and accurate than in default modes, resulting in much richer-looking environments. Audio is also tuned for a full, cinematic soundstage that balances dialogue and music without reducing the impact of effects like gunshots or swords clashing. 

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Glad you’re interested. You’ll need the BenQ X1300i or TK700STi. Let’s talk about these two for a second here. Both offer HDR, but the X1300i is 1080p 120Hz, while the TK700STi goes for 4K 60Hz. Since we’re looking at Cyberpunk 2077, a PC is preferable, and at both 120Hz and 60Hz you’ll want one with a considerable GPU. Sure, both projectors work great with all current consoles, as well. You’re just one HDMI cable away from 100” viewing greatness (or larger).

If you’re curious about true input lag, then know that in 1080p 120Hz the X1300i does 8.3ms, while the TK700STi sits at 16ms for 2160p (4K) at 60Hz. Those are good numbers considering the size of the screen, and on par with any modern TV.

Speaking of that, for proper projector gaming please do invest in a good screen, we don’t think a wall will do your games justice. We also don’t think you’ll need external speakers because both projectors ship with really good, carefully-engineered integrated audio, but if you do want more sound power then there’s always the optical out. 

Great Attributes

It’s good to know gaming projectors are no longer just a marketing thing but rather actual reality. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 certainly look better on a massive wall-sized screen than a TV, and with dedicated presets designed to make the most of the best-selling game, you get a real next level experience that’s sure to please even Johnny Silverhand. 

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