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Best Monitor for Taking on Dying Light 2 Stay Human


After a seven year wait, the sequel to Dying Light by Techland is almost here!

The open world first person parkour actioner starring a whole lot of zombies and set in the fictional City promises plenty of action and meaningful story choices.

We’re happy to share that BenQ has teamed up with Techland in creating a Dying Light 2 Stay Human Night Runner’s Special Edition MOBIUZ EX3210R gaming monitor that’s perfect for the best survival experience and much more. 

EX3210R x Dying Light 2_Banner

Dying Light 2 Stay Human revolves around environmental awareness, high speed movement, quick responses, and detail retention so you don’t miss any resources or overlook threats.

That’s especially important during the nighttime portions of the game, which feature tougher enemies and special mutated opponents.

Yes, the night and day mechanic returns from Dying Light 2015. You can choose to only venture out during the day and play it a little safer, but the biggest rewards are from taking on nocturnal outings. 


So what kind of monitor do you need for the most enjoyable experience with Dying Light 2? 

Getting Around the City

Techland have revealed the system requirements for Dying Light 2 some time back. While on consoles the target frame rate is 60Hz and the same applies to the average PC configuration, we believe Dying Light 2 is similar to a first person shooter in that high refresh rates prove beneficial. While not really a shooter, the game features high speed movement and traversal by the player character, and from our experience with the first Dying Light, the higher the refresh, the better. We’ve played the first game on PC, Xbox One, and Switch, and the PC version was by far the best because we could use an unlocked frame rate and got much better response as a result. 

With the EX3210R, you get up to 165Hz in 1440p, which is perfect for Dying Light 2. We don’t think you should settle for 60Hz if you can help it, but of course the game will be enjoyable nonetheless.

Team Work Makes the Scream Work

Dying Light 2 features a co-op campaign option so you can team up with friends to take on the hordes of infected roaming the City. Most likely the game engine and AI will ramp up the difficulty level and/or number of zombies to compensate for the presence of multiple players working as allies, so don’t expect a walk in the park. A good monitor that offers excellent spatial awareness and superb viewing angles thanks to a premium IPS panel and a 1000R curvature will definitely prove useful. The EX3210R features signature BenQ integrated audio, with powerful, clear sound via dual speakers and subwoofer. While using headphones is still best, having the option of proper monitor sound without the hassle of external speakers is great. In games like Dying Light 2 audio is essential because you need to know where every zombie is relative to you, plus if you’re in co-op hearing your allies clearly is likewise vital. If the sequel is anything like the first one, then even on Easy it’ll be very possible to get cornered and swarmed if you’re not careful, costing you precious XP and progression. 

One Month Later and Brightness Is the Key

Hard to believe, but we’ve been enjoying Dying Light 2 for a month now. This huge game has so many quests, side missions, and interesting characters, that finishing the main story soon becomes a secondary objective. Also, the co-op aspect is quite fun if you want to play together with friends. Working together is especially useful for handling some of our favorite activities, which are best done at night. Those include liberating or unlocking metro stations and taking on mighty GRE anomalies. You can do these solo, but they might be a bit tough.

Unlike the first Dying Light, moving around at night isn’t so dangerous unless you stop and pick a fight with the infected. And that’s likely to happen because the best rewards are obtainable at night. As we said, unlocking metro stations (which serve as fast travel locations) is lots of fun, but really shows that you need a good display with precision brightness. We hooked our Xbox Series X to a QLED TV from a major brand, and the image is great, but within the metro, darkness can be overwhelming and appear uniform, crushing details.

On the EX3210R with its DisplayHDR 400 and Light Tuner, we still got the same imposing night effect, but details were retained to a greater degree. It was easier to spot lurking enemies, and that’s important because they’re generally dormant unless you stumble on them. 

Another aspect of Dying Light 2 that really benefits from precision brightness are dark zones that hide GRE inhibitors. Those are the most valuable items in the game, as inhibitors increase your character’s stamina or health, and also immunity. The more immunity you have, the longer you can survive in the dark. You start the game with around four minutes of immunity, but with inhibitors gradually raise that. Every second counts! Anyway, to get the most inhibitors you’ll need to venture into maze-like dark zones where it’s really easy to get lost if your screen isn’t precise enough. Get lost and bump into a giant goon infected that can crush you with a few blows. So you see why good brightness control is absolutely essential in Dying Light 2. 

Special Edition in Every Way

The EX3210R packs tons of assists in your arsenal of gaming. With HDRi, Black eQualizer, and Light Tuner, you get amazing visual fidelity. Brightness, contrast, and color temperature are all automatically optimized as you play to ensure the most accurate depiction of game graphics. As mentioned above, details are super important in Dying Light 2. You rely on finding resources and spotting enemies in all kinds of places around the City, and if your display loses detail definition in very bright or dark portions of the screen, then you miss out. That’s not going to happen with the EX3210R.

On top of all that, the MOBIUZ EX3210R Night Runner’s Special Edition arrives with a cool Dying Light 2 Stay Human skin on the back of the monitor and the front of the base, all custom created and in limited supply. 

Want more? You bet. 

Every purchase of the special edition includes a free code for a full download of Dying Light 2 Stay Human from Steam! 

Special Limited Edition!
EX3210R DL2 Stay Human

For fans of the Dyi­­­ng Light series, which is now finally a series indeed after a long wait, this version of the EX3210R is a must-have. And if you’re into high performance gaming in general, then you’ll get a lot of value out of the EX3210R with its many exciting features. Good night, and good luck!  

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