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Regardless of your MacBook model or the type of chip it uses, the BenQ Hybrid Dock expands multi-monitor support for your MacBook.

Apple's transition to silicon, beginning with the M1 chip in late 2020 and continuing with the M2 and M3 chips, has led to significant advancements in speed and power efficiency for MacBooks. These enhancements have solidified Mac's position in the competitive landscape of personal computing. However, one aspect that hasn't expanded in parallel with these performance upgrades is the capability to connect multiple external monitors directly to MacBook models, especially the MacBook Air.

Apple Silicon and Multi-Display Support

For users of the M1, M2, or M3 Pro or Max series chips, there's support for connecting between two or four external monitors through Type-C and HDMI connections. For the standard M1 and M2 chips without any suffix, the connectivity is restricted to just one external monitor. However, the M3 introduces a new breakthrough in external display capabilities. When the laptop is closed, it can support two external displays, allowing users to work within a broader visual field and improve multitasking efficiency. However, for those professionals who wish to extend more screens while keeping the laptop open, this setup might seem slightly insufficient. Below is a summary table for quick reference:

The M1, M2, and M3 chips offer varying degrees of multi-monitor support.

*The MacBook Air (M3, 2024) supports up to two external displays(with the laptop lid closed).

Overcoming Multi-Display Limitations: The Role of DisplayLink

Among all the methods to enhance MacBook's ability to connect to multiple external displays, utilizing DisplayLink technology stands out as one of the most effective. DisplayLink works by employing software to manage video output, which bypasses the hardware limitations of MacBooks. This technology converts video data over USB, which means it doesn't rely solely on the graphics hardware of the computer. As a result, it allows multiple monitors to be connected and used simultaneously, even if the MacBook itself supports fewer displays.

BenQ Hybrid Dock: Unleash The Full Potential of MacBook

Among all enhancements for MacBook’s multi-display functionality, the BenQ beCreatus DP1310 stands out significantly due to its integration of the latest DisplayLink chipset. This advanced technology enables the dock to push the boundaries of what's possible with MacBook display outputs.

  • Triple Extended Displays: DP1310 enhances productivity with triple extended display, offering expansive workspace for your MacBook.
  • All 4K 60Hz Support: Experience unparalleled clarity as each of the DP1310's displays supports up to 4K at 60Hz, ensuring smooth and vivid visuals.

Beyond its superior display capabilities, the DP1310 also offers significant advantages in power delivery and dual input sources:
  • Powerful MacBook Charging: Provides up to 100W of power, sufficient to charge your MacBook fully while managing multiple peripherals.
  • Dual Input Convenience: Allows seamless switching between MacBook and gaming console, enhancing productivity and flexibility at your workstation.

The BenQ beCreatus DP1310 is not just a tool for expanding displays; it's a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency and unleash the full potential of your MacBook. This dock allows MacBook user to maximize their productivity during the day and effortlessly switch to enjoying high-quality console gaming in the evening, all through the same setup.


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