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7 Cool Ways to Use a Portable Projector

Bars to bedrooms and gyms to gaming, portable projectors add big visual flair to a host of activities. We look at seven things that are better with portable projectors. Have any other ideas? Don't stop at seven, the more the merrier, and the bigger the display - the better! 

Watching Sports Games

using a portable projector to watch football, soccer, baseball games infographic

Stretch with Yoga Videos

using a portable projector to project yoga videos and stretch infographic

Switch on the Action

playing Nitendo Switch on a portable projector with family and friends infographic

Big Screen Cooking Fun

using a portable projector to play cooking show and recipe on portable projectors infographic

Visualized Bedtime Stories

bedtime stories and edutainment work better on a portable projector infographic
New Year Firework Display
watching firework show on YouTube with a portable projector for New Year's Eve infographic

Ready to Serve

portable projectors can project menus for cafes, restaurants, pubs or bars for dynamic use infographic


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