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6.10- 6.20 Summer of Gaming: Use Code GAME10 to save up to $200 on selected gaming monitors and projectors

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BenQ Color Weakness Technology to Maximize Color Enhancement


You’ve heard it many times before. Someone is watching a sporting event and doesn’t like the call. “What’s wrong, umpire? Are you blind?” The same can happen when shopping for clothes with your friends and one of you pairs a shirt and pants together that don’t match. “You must be color blind if you think that goes together.” It’s an accusation that can be used flippantly, but both are serious and can make every day activities a challenge.

Color deficiency, sometimes called color blindness, affects five to ten percent of the population, mostly males. The most common type involves greens and reds, with blues being occasionally, yet rarely, troublesome. Color deficiency isn’t simply about lacking the ability to differentiate between colors. It is also an inability to distinguish between the shades or brightness of each individual color.

There’s a reason why the alphabet of nautical flags or even the symbols to show the level of difficulty on ski slopes are color coded but also have different shapes or symbols to them. Just in case you can’t discern colors, you have less of a chance of confusing a green circle from a black diamond before accidentally skiing off to your doom.

Eye-Care Technology Pioneers

So think about what you’re doing right now. You’re looking at a computer screen. What if you had color blindness? Maybe you actually have color blindness. We’re not talking about the umpire and the clothing shoppers now. We’re talking about you, your work, your business, your livelihood. In addition to adding difficulty, computer use is simply less enjoyable when the view is skewed. The issues stemming from color deficiency range from mild frustration to impeded success.

BenQ manufactured the first LCD monitor to earn TÜV Rheinland eye-care certifications. Eye care monitors, first certified in 2014, eliminate the source of screen flickers, filter the damaging part of the blue light spectrum, and have integrated sensors that assess ambient lighting and screen content, then optimize images for the ideal display quality and comfort. These features are branded as Flicker-freeTM, Low Blue Light, and Brightness Intelligence technology, which makes BenQ the global leader in monitor eye-care.

BenQ isn’t resting their eyes though. There are new innovations to help users navigate their daily monitor use with greater ease and success. There’s the ePaper Mode which simulates an eBook but with a much more comfortable screen contrast that’s easier on the eyes. Remember when you were a kid and an adult would tell you not to stare at the television for too long or it would ruin your eyes? Maybe there was something to that, so BenQ is also introducing Eye Reminder to give the viewer periodic prompts to rest your eyes before continuing. Another of the latest eye-care advancements is the Color Weakness Mode.

A Monitor to Enhance Colors

There is no cure for color blindness, but there are ways to mitigate the issues. One such way is a BenQ eye care monitor with Color Weakness Mode. Color Weakness Mode assists with all of the issues connected with color deficiency. This includes issues such as trouble distinguishing between colors or even brightness and shades of colors. Sometimes mild color deficiencies allow colors to be seen normally in good light but difficult to see in dim light. Some can’t distinguish certain colors in any light. BenQ decided to help.

The Color Weakness Mode technology uses red and green filters to help users who suffer from the most common type of color blindness, which is the red-green deficiency. There are two types of this affliction: Protanomaly and Deuteranomaly. Protanomaly is a red-green color blindness where the red cones in the retina don’t detect enough red, causing them to be too sensitive to greens, yellows, and oranges. As a result, the eye is too sensitive to reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and even browns. They all look the roughly the same, especially in low lighting. Basically, take the “Roy G.” out of “ROY G BIV” on the color spectrum when dealing with protanomaly. The most common form is deuteranomaly, which is a reduced sensitivity to green light only.

Currently eight BenQ eye-care monitors, including EW2780U and EW3280U, feature the Color Weakness Mode, which is easily engaged from the On Screen Display (OSD). This allows users with color deficiencies like protanomaly and deuteranomaly, to engage Color Weakness Mode and filter on screen images for a more natural color viewing experience for either red or green. Users are able to adjust the Color Weakness Mode to suit their needs.

Bring Vibrant Color to Work and Fun

Think of all of the things people use a computer monitor for. You could be a gamer needing the ability to see which opponent is about to attack or a photographer wanting to make the proper color corrections needed to make your pictures perfect. What if you’re streaming your favorite shows and want to see all the details of the cinematography or maybe you’re the videographer yourself and want to make sure every image of your film pops off the screen with the life it deserves? Graphic designers, students, executives, financial advisors, all of them need the ability to see the colors on their screens with the best quality possible, regardless of whether they are one of those five to ten percent affected by color deficiency.

Admittedly, this tech is focused on a relatively small portion of society. However, BenQ is driven to deliver outstanding user experiences that enhance the partnership between people and technology and to provide solutions for all. Whether you’re shopping for clothes online or streaming a live baseball game, you deserve the highest-quality monitor for your eyes. Why? There’s another reason: our motto. Because it matters.

Color Gaming Monitor

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