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6.10- 6.20 Summer of Gaming: Use Code GAME10 to save up to $200 on selected gaming monitors and projectors

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Do I Need a Portable Projector? The Latest Wireless LED Portable Projector Purchasing Guide


Do you consider purchasing a wireless LED portable projector? Over the past 10 years, several portable projectors have been launched. Still, none have managed to sustain sales due to their limited battery life, insufficient brightness, insufficient resolution, and lack of wireless support for interfacing with mobile phones.

However, the market for LED portable projectors has started to pick up since 2017. You may ask yourself a few questions before purchasing: "How will I use a portable projector? What details should I consider?" Here we will explain what you need to know and a few important things to focus on depending on your needs:

Cinema Under the Stars: Using Your Projector on a Camping Trip

Guide points: Not too big to lug around and fewer cables make it safer

When you see your camping buddies and all the photos you’ve taken together, doesn’t it get your blood pumping and make you want to pack up and head out with them immediately? Camping’s popularity as a hobby is growing. The only problem is that once you get into the wilderness, you can only enjoy the scenery of mountains and streams during the day, but there is not much to do when the sun goes down. Think of how romantic a starry cinema sky in the evening can be.

Family uses portable projector during a camping trip

To project a movie while camping, there are 3 main things you should consider about a camping projector:

1. Size. If you had to bring a large projector in addition to lots of equipment when camping, you would never muster the energy to get out of your front door. However, if you can load the projector in its own storage bag, it is much more convenient!

2. Battery life. Although outlets tend to be available around the visitor’s center area, many campsites lack electricity. If the projector could play at least 3 hours, it would last long enough for one movie each night.

3. Being wireless is very important. Trip hazards like cables are among the most serious dangers in a campsite, and they’re also another hassle to deal with. Therefore, purchasers must consider whether the projector can read a thumb drive, support wireless projection from a mobile phone, or play video/slideshows directly from storage. Now you can actually enjoy the evening together!

4. Water resistance. Outdoors projectors function in all kinds of environments and weather conditions. With a weter resistant projector, you do not have to think about its safety, it protects itself!

Lazy Mode: Flexible Angles Allows You to Project Onto the Ceiling

Guide Points: Easy Installation, Tripod Mountable, Supports Wireless Casting From Android / IOS Cellphones or Tablets

When the weekend comes, and you’re finishing a busy week, sometimes you want to be at home. You may feel too tired to even sit on the sofa. Our well-designed portable projector lets you cast straight up onto the ceiling. You can comfortably watch movies while lying in bed.

A couple uses portable projector for movie-watching in a bedroom

Three key points of Lazy Mode:

1. Easy to set up: When you get home, all you want to do is relax. So the simpler the setup, the better. You’ll find that our features go a long way to help. Auto keystone feature keeps the picture perfectly squared. Simple projection mode, an intuitive interface, and a convenient tilting hinge easily project big images anywhere.

2. Supports tripod mounting: If space is a constraint, the portable projector can be mounted on a tripod. Having a 1/4 inch standard screw hole maximizes convenience.

3. Supports wireless projection from iOS/Android phones. If you want to lie down and project onto the ceiling, cables mustn’t get in the way. Wireless projection of devices on the local WiFi area network is supported, which is super convenient for slinging the screen from the mobile phone, tablet, or a computer/notebook.

The Life of Party: A Stylish, Lightweight and Portable Projector

Guide Points: A Tasteful Design, Easy to Use, and Easy to Switch Screen Sources.

Portable projectors can show everything in your life. In addition to being practical, the elegance of the design reflects your personal taste. When party time rolls around, if a mobile projector connects to any mobile phone, anyone can share photos, music, or videos, which leaves everyone smiling.

Group of friends uses portable projector during the party

For a projector to be the life of the party, it requires the following features:

1. Easy setup, even on the narrow dining room table. Our vertical stand design takes the least space. Tilting hinge and auto keystone correction features allow you to project a big image in a perfect square easily.

2. Avoid embarrassing lags or disconnections with your projections. The 2.4/5GHz dual-frequency Wifi support provides a more reliable wireless transmission.

3. The settings are simple, and the projector boots quickly. You can start streaming your audio and video content while talking and laughing, supporting iOS/Android phones.

4. Parties can get loud. The projector's built-in speaker should have a clear sound quality and shouldn’t damage the speaker when cranked up.

A Must-Have for Every Couple: A Projector With Good Speaker and Audio

Guide Points: High-Fidelity Sound, Switch Quickly Between Feeds With Hotkeys

When you’re on a date, a romantic song could make the atmosphere more affectionate. You want a portable projector with a built-in speaker. We have tailor-made a projector with better sound quality that’s easy to operate. You get better audio and video experience with a first-class high-quality Bluetooth speaker and this versatile machine.

Portable projector on the table with a couple sitting behind it

The following three points will help you win them over:

1. Excellent performance, clear and transparent audio. Allows you to be heard over a wider range without distorting the sound quality. Besides, there is a remote control to adjust the volume.

2. Use a hotkey to quickly start Bluetooth, turn off the projector screen, and just let the music play longer.

3. When your date’s phone runs low on power, the mini-projector can save you and act as a mobile power source, recharging the phone.

To Summarize the Features of a High Quality Portable Projector:

1. LED light source: 20,000 hours or more life before you need to change the bulb. That’s time for nearly 10,000 movies.

2. Wireless projection: Compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, including iOS, Android system mobile phones and iMac, Windows system notebooks. No need to drag along cables and quick access to wireless projection. It is best to support 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wifi to make the connection more stable.

3. Built-in long-lasting battery: At least enough continuous power to complete a movie on one charge.

4. Bluetooth Speaker Mode: It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker when not used as a projector. Of course, the sound quality should be impressive.

5. Easy to set up: Allows easy adjustment of the projection angle, ideally using built-in auto keystone correction for easy placement. It can be mounted onto a camera tripod.

6. Eye-catching appearance: The portable projector is often carried and used publicly. So just like an accessory you would wear, it reflects your taste. With regards to appearance, the exterior design is also one of the selling points.


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