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How to Choose a Monitor for AutoCAD

Monitor for Auto CAD

Engineers, architects, and designers live in exacting worlds. “Almost” equals failure and “close” isn’t close enough. You need an AutoCAD monitor that amplifies your ability, not one that impedes your progress. While there are many types of jobs that use AutoCAD, they all require adequate screen size and resolution. Beyond that, the variety of features and benefits you choose can get confusing, making it a challenge to find the best design monitor for you. Let’s break your decision into three components:

  • Professional Monitor Performance Specs
  • Productivity Boosts
  • Summary

Professional Monitor Performance Specs for AutoCAD Users…and What They Mean

We'll check off two basics right away. You need space to create. So, depending on your desk size, that typically means a 27-inch display to a 34-inch ultrawide monitor, if your workspace can handle it. Also, content must be crisp and clear. Greater resolution means greater pixel density, which means greater detail. Depending on your style and type of work you'll want 2K, 2560 x 1440, or a 4K, 3840x2560. Then, select the specs that suit your creative process.

Precision is the name of the game. Since curved monitors can skew lines, it's wise to invest in a flat panel. In order to avoid color shift when viewed indirectly, an IPS panel is also the way to go. Slim bezels will minimize distraction and facilitate seamless dual monitor setups. If you wokr on a dual-monitor setup, look for manufacturers that ensure consistency between monitors. This way, your beautiful multi-monitor setup will look the same across displays.

Also key is color performance. With many lines and shapes overlapping and intersecting, each one has to be exactly corect. Make sure you've select a monitor that covers a large percentage of the color space(s) you work in most. Also keep an eye out for a low Delta E. This is the measurement of the variation between the true reference color and the one on your display. For professional results, strive for Delta E less than or equal to 3 (lower numbers equal better accuracy).

Once you're ready to create with precision look to the spaces that help you get it done quicker.

Productivity Boost

Brilliant results mean nothing if they're not done and delivered on time. Look for monitors that function as creative allies. Shortcuts save time. Workflo efficiency tech, like the BenQ Hotkey Puck G2, lets you access your most used settings with a single click.

There are also software solutions, such as Display Pilot, which powers multi-tasking tools for the design space. From ICCsync color profile matching, to DualView which empowers side-by-side work in two modes at the same time to screen-segmenting Desktop partition and Print Assist soft proofing, BenQ Designer Monitors show clear commitment to creative workflow excellence. Some models even offer CAD/CAM mode, which showcases details and fine lines with refined contrast and brightness. After all, it's not only what your monitor can do that matters, it's what your monitor can do for you. 

And that brings us to another feature that benefits your work and your wellness. Integrated eye care technology. This comes in many forms which can improve image performance and eye comfort. Low blue light filters will remove the damaging parts of the blue light spectrum to protect eyes. This tech should be selectable so you can use it when you need it, but turn it off when you need precise color accuracy. You can minimize headaches with Flicker Free tech that eliminates distracting screen flickers.

Additionally, some tech goes above and beyond, with intelligent image adjustment. For example, BenQ's proprietary Brightness Intelligence Plus optimizes display for balanced brightness, clear contrast, and comfortable viewing. So, when you need a break and want to watch a quick video, you can rest your eyes while enjoying your content.

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In Summary

We all want to do our jobs well and efficiently. That means developing the right skills and using the right tools. For exacting processes, such as AutoCAD, this means a monitor that delivers crisp detail, precise color, and user-focused tech that can put you ahead of the competition. If this describe you and your needs, BenQ Designer Monitors might be the solution for you.


Mac computers were infamous a few years ago for dropping support for most I/O and leaving only a handful of simple (but powerful) USB-C and Thunderbolt ports. Today, this decision makes more sense than ever; USB-C is widely supported by all kinds of devices and the impressive bandwidth of Thunderbolt enables powerful external devices like eGPUs and multiple 4K monitors over a single cable.

When looking for a Mac monitor, you should most certainly get one that works over USB-C. Firstly, this will allow you to forgo annoying HDMI or DisplayPort adapters that can easily break, degrade your image quality, and are a terrible eyesore. Additionally, besides having the video signal over USB-C, you can have audio and USB data transported together, freeing up those scarce USB-C ports on your Mac computer for other devices.

Depending on your workflow, you might want to consider upgrading from a simple USB-C monitor to a Thunderbolt monitor. This will open the floodgates of 40Gbps of bandwidth that Thunderbolt 3 supports, favored by video editors and photographers with vast libraries who take advantage of this technology for quick transfer speeds and high-performance external devices. Be sure to read this article about Thunderbolt monitors for professional users.


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