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2021 Company Retreat Ideas and Tech to Make Them More Fun


As the world tries to go back to normal, team building and company outings also appear to be returning. The old company retreat has been spruced up with technology for some time now, but we’re happy to share that new developments make retreats even better. Bonding and getting to know each other in non-work settings that are still mostly professional is much more interesting with the right tools, most of which are easy to use and not all that expensive, either. And don’t think just big corporations do the company retreat routine. Smaller and medium enterprises also engage in the practice, because boosting morale and improving team cohesion is great for businesses of every size. So how can you make your own company outings more fun? Take a look! 

People gather around at the campsite enjoy a movie with a portable projector

Why Go on a Company Outing?

As mentioned above, the primary goal is to get people out of the usual grind, release stress, and encourage team building and inter-personal bonding. The hope is that people will see each other as more than just coworkers, but more as friends and family with a greater degree of attachment. Not just titles, but people. Experiencing the personal and more “real” aspects of people relieves stress, defuses tensions, and has been shown to boost collaboration and productivity as well as workplace satisfaction.


Company outings and retreats can vary in scale and cost, and are entirely up to your discretion. They can be as simple as taking everyone out to a restaurant or a ball game, or as elaborate and expensive as flying entire teams to an island resort on the other side of the planet. We’ll try to look at company retreat ideas that won’t tax the company budget too much. 

Glamp it Up

Rough camping may not be for everyone in your team, but glamorous camping, aka glamping, should be more like it. This is an opportunity to enjoy nature in comfort, for example in a cabin resort located in nearby forest preserves or otherwise wooded areas. Settle in, then have a cookout and big screen movie session for unforgettable experiences.

What you need: portable grill, outdoor portable projector. 

Competitive Cooking Challenge

Nothing helps bring people together like food. And if you can add a twist of friendly competition, all the better. This event can be held anywhere that can withstand the slight messiness involved with cookery, so there’s no need to go very far. Not to mention cooking is excellent exercise with regards to time and resource management.

What you need: in addition to food and judges, we recommend a portable projector so that the competitive proceedings can be cast onto a huge screen for all to witness and enjoy.

Night of the Board Game

Old school board games have been experiencing a massive renaissance due to video game fatigue and the COVID pandemic, which forced people to stay indoors more. There are games for every taste, and all encourage tactical thinking, problem solving, and friendly competition. Many support team work. Again, like the cooking competition, you can hold a board game night pretty much anywhere, even in the office, though we recommend finding a different location, such as a cozy hotel or restaurant.

What you need: of course, the best board games you can find! 

Screen a Movie

You’d be hard pressed to find team members that don’t like movies, though everyone has a different type they enjoy, so a consensus may be tough to reach. Nonetheless, it’s worth a shot, and ranks as one of the most favored types of company outing. If going to the cinema as a group is too much trouble, we don’t blame you. Getting a large group to the multiplex is a hassle, and also very impersonal. We suggest using a portable projector to set up your own movie screen in the location of your choice. Maybe at the company conference room. Or even better, at that cabin resort we talked about before. Don’t forget to stock up on popcorn and all sorts of other treats, maybe jujubes, Maltesers, and Milk Duds.

What you need: portable projector and surface to screen onto. Optional but great is renting a soda machine and popcorn maker. 

Karaoke Night

Sing like it’s the late 1980s all over again and discover happiness. Guaranteed to make the people from HR look cool in ways you never imagined possible. Also one of the simplest company outings, because most bars have karaoke nights or can at least set one up for you if you ask. You can also DIY your own karaoke outing, and pick a location that’s good for you. And while we always insist on responsible drinking, alcohol may be integral to this activity, especially for those suffering from stage shyness.

What you need: if you choose DIY karaoke, you can rent a karaoke machine or entire karaoke booth.


So there you have it, quite a few ways to make sure your team works better together through having fun as a group. Don’t forget, company outings should be a regular thing, so it’s good we provided several ideas!


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