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Share Your HT4550i Story to receive $200 back in credit!

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With advanced digital light processing technology, also known as DLP, true 4K and HDR, home cinema projectors provide exciting big screen experiences. No other device category has the flexibility and impact of projectors, which are free from the constraints of fixed TV screen sizes. Whether you live in an apartment or a large house, you can enjoy big format movies with that classical theatrical feel, as well as TV shows and gaming on screens 100" and bigger, all with ease. Modern projectors include smart features much like TVs, with extensive connectivity - wired and wireless. There has never been a better time to set the cinephile and big picture enthusiast within you free, so let's take a closer look. 

Projectors vs. TV

Home cinema projectors based on DLP technology provide true 4K HDR without the limits of fixed TV screen sizes. Per inch they offer considerably better value than TVs, and surprisingly greater ease of setup in various locations at home and elsewhere. Add a genuine big screen, theater-like experience, and for enthusiasts projectors are a logical choice. 


Modern home cinema projectors with DLP technology and precision color deliver unparalleled authenticity when it comes to reproducing the vision of content creators. From wide gamut color and HDR to surround sound, projectors bring the movie theater to the comfort of your own home in true 4K. 



DLP Technology



Input Lag

4K Resolution

Home cinema projectors continue to evolve and now have reached parity with TVs in terms of resolution. DLP technology enables true 4K with 8.3 million distinct pixels plus genuine HDR implementation. As 4K UHD and HDR have become the standard for entertainment from streaming to gaming, home projectors bring all the best content to you with all the detail and beauty, except on screens bigger and more embracing than anything a TV can offer. 


So you want a home projector but would like to learn more about the different aspects of owning one of these entertainment wonders. We look at the types of screens, audio systems, and placement options you should consider to make the most of your projector experience. Lots of intricate and helpful know-how awaits within! 

How to Choose

New to projectors? Still on the fence? Welcome to where the intros to projectors live. Buying guides, essential terminology to savvy you up before you buy, and guidance for choosing the right projector for your specific needs and preferances. Read on and get ready to have some projected fun. 

Tips and Tricks

Fine-tune your home projector experience with our helpful insights. We cover lots of interesting topics and provide tips for improving performance, making more of your projector, and keeping things interesting. 

Movie Reviews

Your new home projector is waiting to...project. So give it a great movie or show loaded with spectacular visuals and emotive audio, you'll be smitten by how impressive it all looks and sounds compared to a barebones TV experience. Here are a few suggestions that we think are worthy of the 4K HDR projector treatment to get you started. 

Colors in Movies

Colors in TV Series

Why BenQ Projectors

Advanced DLP technology, all-glass multi-lens arrays, true 4K, genuine HDR, excellent integrated audio: the list of highlights BenQ projectors bring to the fore continues. It's not only about bright lights and big screens, there's more to refined projection than that. Discover what it takes.