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The picture is flickering very strongly when GameMaestro mode is activated. How can I fix it?


GameMaestro mode (incl. Fast Mode) is designed to offer the fastest response times and lowest input lag for responsive gaming experiences. On projectors, certain settings such as keystone and aspect ratio directly affect latency, doubling it from less than 1 frame to 2 frames (16.66ms~33.32ms). Because certain values in these settings (keystone and aspect ratio) are incompatible with Fast Mode, using any value which is not default may result in unexpected behavior. Please set keystone to 0 and aspect ratio as auto. To address this, new firmware is in development, which will auto set and lock keystone and aspect ratio values when GameMaestro is used.

Applicable Models

TH685 , TH671ST, X1300i, TK700STi

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