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How can I make sure whether it is safe when the device in use is hot?How can I make sure whether it is safe when the device in use is hot?


The approved environment temperature range for WDC10 InstaShow/ InstaShow S in operation is 0~40 °C. The upper temperature limit of InstaShow/ InstaShow S TX and RX ambient is 95 °C. 

When the environment temperature is 40 °C, the measured temperature of WDC10 RX should be under 63 °C and that of InstaShow/ InstaShow S TX should be under 51.2°C, according to the regulation compliance. Please refer to the user manual for the suggested temperature range for safe use.

Applicable Models

Instashow WDC10, Instashow WDC20, Instashow WDC10C

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