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How do I set up the TK850 to automatically detect and display a 4K HDR10/HLG signal?


TK850 will automatically detect and display compatible signals only. So, if there is no image after connecting an image source to HDMI-1 or HDMI-2 then please check step by step to make sure you are sending a compatible 4K HDR signal to the projector. 

* USB 3.0 (Media Reader) supports HDR10 only.


Firstly, please press the Menu button on the remote control and select the Information menu to determine whether you are receiving a HDR signal.


• Check the projector's Information menu to make sure your 4K player output is set at the following compatible resolution.

[Insert photo: TK850_Photo_1]


• Check the projectors Information menu to make sure that the projector auto detects the correct color system (full or limited of RGB / YUV) as a compatible signal. In the meantime you can also check the output of your 4K player by  referring to its user manual or contact its provider for the HDR output signal compatibility.

[Insert photo: TK850_Photo_2]


Secondly, if there’s still no image after checking the compatible signal then please check your HDMI cable version, which we suggest in the following chart for compatible HDMI Cables for 4K HDR. (Please refer: How to set up TK850?)

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