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How Display Pilot makes easier use of a DesignVue monitor?

Display Pilot is software to integrate quick and easy access for use of your monitor with Desktop Partition, Print Assist, Keyboard Hotkey, Application Mode. Please click and follow the instructions below, or read on to learn more about this topic.

  • Desktop Partition: splits your workspace easily without dragging and resizing for various scenarios.
  • Print Assist: helps you get a basic idea of what your work will look like on a printed hard copy and preview results compared to the screen.
  • Keyboard Hotkey: creates shortcuts to gain access to different color modes, video inputs, and DualView mode without taking your hands off the keyboard.
  • Application Mode: helps assign and switch to different color modes for your chosen apps and various projects.


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Applicable Models

PD3420Q , PD2705Q, PD3220U, PD2720U, PD2705U, PD3205U

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