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What did BenQ use for specific performance and benefits?

Corrosion-resistant sponge, a longer cone with a larger surface area, two voice coils and magnets, neodymium magnets for better sound reproduction. Please click and follow the instructions below, or read on to learn more about this topic.

  1. Corrosion-resistant sponge with rebounded elasticity was adopted to make the sound more elastic, performing rich and smooth mid- and low-frequencies. (Heavy sponge will over-absorb the sound and reduce the sound efficiency.)
  2. BenQ utilizes a longer cone with a larger surface area that produces excellent quality high-end sound. As for low-end sounds, a low-distortion aluminum-alloy cone and port design allow bass to expand, delivering big-speaker quality even in a small space.
  3. BenQ chose a voice coil and magnet that are vastly different from those in traditional speakers. Its “dual-voice-coil dual-magnet” structure uses two voice coils and magnets and a flexible surround, giving speakers faster reaction, forceful sound, and naturally expansive audio.
  4. BenQ uses only neodymium magnets, which are able to perform at high temperatures without distortion, ensuring constant quality in sound output.


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Applicable Models

EW3280U , EW2780Q, EW3880R , EW2880U

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