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Is wireless projection possible in Wi-Fi-less environment?

If the projector is outside of a Wi-Fi setting, there are 2 types of wireless projection options: Use your mobile device or the projector as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Please click and follow the instructions below, or read on to learn more about this topic.

  1. Use your mobile device as a Wi-Fi Hotspot: Turn on Wi-fi Hotspot on your smartphone, then connect the projector to it and start projecting wirelessly.
  2. Use the projector as the Wi-Fi Hotspot: Turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot setting on the projector and connect your mobile device to it and start projecting wirelessly.

*NOTE: Your mobile device won't be able to connect to an external 4G/5G cellular network, and can only stream pictures or video stored on the device to the projector.

Applicable Models

GS2, GV1

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