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"I would recommend the BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp to anyone looking for a feature-rich lamp that can serve a variety of tasks and want to add dynamic ambience to their working environment."

- Tangible Day

“If you’re looking for one lamp that can meet all your lighting needs, then the BenQ e-Reading floor lamp will get you the most bang for your buck.”

- LAURA SCHMITS, Soul and Lane

"Tech aside, e-Reading Lamp really stands out with its extraordinary design and premium feel, everything is robust, every part of the lamp feels extraordinary, even adjusting the lamp position seems engineered, designed, as it should be in the lamp that holds the first position in our modern best architect lamp list.”

- Anton G., architecture lab

"BenQ’s dedicated e-reading and reading LED desk lamp is the perfect addition to the office of any engineer, architect or even for students with late-night study habits."

- David Beren and Jay Alba, Lifewire

"Excellent light quality, cool contemporary/industrial design, works great for reading at night, high-quality construction of elbows, heavy base gives the desk lamp a sturdy build quality."

- Kyle Schurman, Business Insider

"The lamp can be angled in any direction, but you won’t need to do much, as the curved design of the light source easily illuminates every inch of your work or gaming space."

- Shane Roberts, The Inventory