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X3000i: Gear up for a 4K Immersive Experience

At BenQ, we strive to provide a fully immersive experience with our gaming projectors. We played “God of War Ragnarök” on our flagship 4K gaming projector, the X3000i. “God of War Ragnarök” is an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio that features a rich story and gameplay. Gamers can explore nine different realms and discover mythical creatures from Norse mythology. It features open-world elements that is perfect to test how immersive a gaming projector can be.

Continue reading to find out more about our X3000i experience. Did we feel ultimate immersion?

Vibrant Colors

“God of War Ragnarök” successfully provides different atmospheres of the nine realms. The X3000i covers DCI-P3 100%, meaning the projector can cover a variety of different colors. Whenever gamers enter a new realm, they will be astonished by how beautiful and colorful the world is. Imagine you were in a snowy mountain, but suddenly transported to a sandy desert. Beautiful colors make you feel that you really moved to a different “world” within few seconds.

Not only the environment of the game, but the good color quality also helps when you look at small details of each character. The color quality is good so that even small creatures in the game look beautiful and mythical.

In addition, God of War Ragnarök includes some areas such as forest or caves where everything looks dark. The game intentionally guides gamers in a situation where paths are too dark so that gamers need to find a way to light up the area. Even in those dark areas, gamers will not see the blurry black screen because of the accurate colors. Gamers can still see the solid shapes of each object.

Play on a Big Screen

The biggest difference between a TV and projector is their screen size. Imagine you have a TV and a projector at the same distance. Often, a TV would be almost the half size of the projector. However, some people might ask “So why is a big screen better?”

In “God of War Ragnarök”, the protagonist character, Kratos, can use his axe weapon to freeze/unfreeze water. When played with a TV, gamers can see the protagonist, Kratos, use his axe to freeze and unfreeze water. However, with the X3000i, gamers can see a quick disappearing rainbow when the water starts flowing again. They are able to see this detail because the projector enlarges small details that can’t be recognized on a TV.  Gamers can see very small details in a way that they can even see dull skins of creatures.

Low Input Lag

Most gamers think that projectors have high input lags, thus they hesitate to purchase a projector as their gaming display option. Compared to monitors, it is true that projectors are slower. However, the differences is getting smaller and smaller. Our flagship gaming projector X3000i can offer up to 16.7ms @4K and 4.2ms @1080p. Even professional gamers, who tested X3000i, were surprised at how smooth the gameplay was. Big screen TVs with a low response time are usually more expensive compared to gaming projectors. If you can get these above benefits at a similar price and you still need a TV to play console games, why not consider getting a gaming projector.


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