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Top 3 Benefits of a USB-C Monitor


Since Apple's release of the latest MacBook® series, USB-C, and Thunderbolt ports have risen in popularity due to its compact, yet reversible design. Companies, like Microsoft, have adopted the use of USB-C on many of their laptops because of the many universal benefits it offers, while Apple products feature the Thunderbolt port.


Here you’ll learn the top three benefits of having a USB-C and Thunderbolt3 monitors to improve the way you work. 



1. Transfer data in high resolution

USB-C and Thunderbolt cables are widely used because of its ability to transfer data in high resolution which allows you to view your content in the best quality possible. A USB-C or Thunderbolt cable has the capability to transmit an image signal of 2840x2160 (4K) with a refresh rate of 60Hz. 


2. Charge your device while you work

You can work and charge your laptop all at once with the same cable. Since USB-C ports have a charging function, that means if you connect a USB-C monitor to a laptop via USB-C, the ports will serve two purposes. 


*Charging power may vary depending on the product. 

3. Save desk space

USB-C/Thunderbolt monitors feature docking capabilities that allow you to work with one cable, saving your desk space for the essentials. It’s important to have a monitor that includes a USB-C/Thunderbolt port, so you don’t need to purchase an external adapter. All you need is one cable, which saves you extra effort, eliminates the need for an extra accessory, and saves money.






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What’s the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt3?

Thunderbolt was developed by Intel and looks almost identical to USB-C. Although Thunderbolt can do everything USB-C can, it transfers data at a faster rate which is why many Apple laptops feature this port. Learn more about the differences between Thunderbolt and USB-C here.






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