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Stream London Film Festival Award Winners with Home Cinema Projectors


The 65th London Film Festival, organized by the British Film Institute, took place October 6-17. As usual, the festival also included an awards segment, selecting the best of the films showcased during the ten day event. None of these movies are blockbusters, but they’re all very personal productions with a lot of heart, and many are the debuts of people who perhaps in the future will be influential filmmakers.


There’s no better way to watch movies than on the big screen, of course. But in the latter parts of this year theaters still suffer from the effects of the pandemic and in any case, most London Film Festival entries aren’t shown in theaters around the world, or even in Britain. They’re independent productions with limited showings. Fortunately, the advent of streaming has helped bring new audiences in touch with smaller productions. If you have a home cinema projector, then you can quite easily enjoy the award-winning London Film Festival movies via the BFI’s own player (only available in the UK), Netflix, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime Video. Do note that all streaming availability may vary by location due to licensing and other factors. With a good projector you won’t miss the theater too much, because you’ll have the large screen experience right at home. 

Highlights to Watch

For the full list of the BFI’s London Film Festival award winners, you can look here. But we did like the Best Film winner, Hit the Road by Panah Panahi. Set in 1970s Iran (or Persia at the time), this is a road trip film about family and life, and it’s full of great music and visuals that are just perfect for a projector experience

A must-watch for fans of breathtaking 4K visuals is Becoming Cousteau by Liz Garbus. This is a documentary dedicated to the adventures of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and features rare footage from many of his exploratory missions over the decades. If you love the majestic beauty of nature and want insight into the lives of people that wish to study and understand the world better, this documentary is a treasure.

Finally, in the Audience Award category, we liked Costa Brava, Lebanon. This is an interesting and beautiful movie from Mounia Akl that’s set in Lebanon, a part of the world we don’t get to see very often in movies. This is a shame because it’s gorgeous and sadly famous mostly for politics and violence. In the movie, a family decides to leave the big city in an attempt to start their dream home in the mountains, and of course, there’s a lot that goes on after they get there. The visuals are quite stunning as is the acting, a perfect match for a good home projector

Home Cinema and Streaming Made for Each Other

The BFI’s London Film Festival serves as a demonstration that’s as good as any when it comes to reminding us of how far projectors have come. You can now enjoy big screen, 4K HDR content directly from the internet at home thanks to the combination of superb projection technology and streaming apps. If you’re a film buff on the lookout for a proper projector to enjoy BFI award winners, make sure to get a 4K HDR projector with smart capabilities. That means the projector has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module integrated and Android TV installed, with your favorite streaming apps ready to go. This way you can watch the movies directly with the projector, with no additional devices needed. Or you could cast from your Android or iOS device if you so choose, that’s what a smart projector does. Of course, you can also use HDMI to connect a console or streaming box to the projector if you wish. The options are there with the best home cinema projectors.


We wanted to highlight the London Film Festival award winners because many of the movies shown have a touching and meaningful message that deserves attention, and because even smaller films deserve to be enjoyed on the big screen, and that nowadays increasingly means at home. 


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