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Save the World with Rainbow Six Extraction and MOBIUZ

Rainbow Six Extraction and MOBIUZ

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015 and since then became one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world, with a very strong esports scene. Building on that legacy, upcoming Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction seeks to lead the best-selling Ubisoft original franchise in a new direction. Instead of taking on terrorists with your team of operators, starting January 2022 you’ll be engaged in a fight to save the world from alien invaders.

Rainbow Six Extraction follows a similar basic structure to that of Siege. Operators from special forces units based around the world form the roster of characters you can choose from. Then it’s into the multiplayer, co-op action. Extraction is a little different from Siege based on what we know thus far. Siege has two teams in most match types, the Rainbow Six operators versus the terrorists. Extraction sounds like it’ll be more akin to Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood, with just one team of humans taking on AI-controlled aliens. But maybe Ubisoft will let us play as the aliens at some point. In any case, we expect Rainbow Six Extraction to quickly become one of the biggest multiplayer titles of 2022, and if you need a reason for a new monitor, this is a good one. 

MOBIUZ Monitors Extract the Best Gameplay

Like all Rainbow Six titles, single player and multiplayer, Rainbow Six Extraction requires a display that provides you with excellent spatial awareness and detail recognition so that you can react as quickly as possible. In addition to super-snappy 1ms MPRT response, MOBIUZ gaming monitors feature detail-enhancing technologies that prevent loss of fidelity in dark or bright sections of the screen. Rainbow Six Extraction takes place in areas known as containment zones, not too different from the dark zones in The Division, we imagine. These are scary places full of dark corners where the alien Sprawl can hide their many forms and ability to mutate.

A sluggish, murky, or hazy monitor won’t do. You need sharp detail and fast response for Rainbow Six Extraction. MOBIUZ gaming monitors feature Light Tuner and Black eQualizer technologies to ensure no detail is lost, plus superb 2.1-channel audio to keep you informed of the location of allies and threats. Also, HDRi smart dynamic range management will keep Rainbow Six Extraction looking its finest in every situation. 

Light Tuner and Black eQualizer
Rainbow 6 Extraction light tuner

Light Tuner goes beyond simple gamma settings to give you refined control over brightness and detail exposure. Together with Black eQualizer, it offers a smart approach to contrast and brightness. With that, you avoid problems like washed out details in bright areas or crushed details in dark portions of the screen. Retaining and enhancing detail is essential in a game like Rainbow Six Extraction because the reactive AI holds many surprises that may lurk anywhere, and if your display isn’t good enough to show details properly, the aliens will have the upper hand. 

Thus far, Ubisoft has hinted at 12 different locations or containment zones, plus 13 enemy types. The latter also have the ability to mutate on the spot as you fight them. With so much going on, you really need to have the clearest view of the action. Uniquely, your fellow operators may get downed and captured by the aliens, which then means you have the option to mount a rescue mission. Don’t let your squad mates and humanity down, and make the most of your Rainbow Six Extraction experience with the right monitor. 


Rainbow 6 Extraction HDRi

Found on BenQ and MOBIUZ monitors, HDRi is intelligent HDR as the name suggests. It goes beyond simple HDR metadata to offer custom, smart high dynamic range implementation based on screen content and ambient light conditions on monitors that have embedded sensors. HDRi maintains optimal HDR output whether your room is dark or illuminated, and Rainbow Six Extraction benefits from this as do all games. Perhaps a bit more than the average game, because from what we’ve seen so far, Rainbow Six Extraction has a lot of contrast between brightness and darkness, so handling these changes without losing detail is of utmost importance. 

2.1-Channel Sound

Rainbow 6 Extraction 2.1-Channel Sound

MOBIUZ monitors don’t use tinny, off the shelf stereo speakers as an afterthought. They have purpose-built dual speakers plus a subwoofer for impactful, room-filling audio with clear treble and punchy bass. While you’ll likely opt for a headset, with MOBIUZ the speakers on the monitor aren’t just a last resort backup, they’re a premium solution that brings out every line of co-op chatter, enemy sounds, gunshots, explosions, and ambient or environmental sounds. It’s a dangerous world in Rainbow Six Extraction, and you’ll need audio awareness to stand a chance. 

Ultrawide 1000R


For a wide field of view that shows more of the game with every frame, a 1000R curved gaming monitor is the way to go. The curved display provides better viewing angles and improved depth perception, both essential for a high stakes, fast paced team shooter like Rainbow Six Extraction.

Remember, when January comes and Rainbow Six Extraction launches, a good monitor will be the difference between getting stomped or leaving your stamp on the fate of the world, at least in-game. So choose carefully, operator. 


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