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Why MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors Field FIFA 21 in Winning Form


EA Sport’s FIFA 21 has been out for nearly a year and of course maintains a huge global following. You can check here for all the FIFA event details

playing FIFA 21 on a gaming monitor with PS5

Frames Score Big

The EX2510S and EX2710S offer ideal screen sizes for desktop gaming distances, and importantly boost refresh rates to 165Hz. FIFA 21’s Frostbite engine is very scalable and runs smoothly on most hardware configurations. It also works superbly on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, from Xbox One and PS4 to Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

On PC, even a mid range graphics card will get you to 120Hz or more, and if you have a powerful GPU you’ll likely hit the 165Hz marker as FIFA 21 performs excellently across the field. Console-wise, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 offer a solid 60Hz which is great for a football/soccer game. Unlike first and third person shooters, FIFA titles feel very nice with a locked 60Hz, but the emphasis is on locked. And you want a monitor that makes the experience smooth and effortless, plus pretty. And speaking of smooth, both MOBIUZ monitors offer 1ms MPRT response time, so input lag is kept at bay and your FIFA 21 action feels natural and unhindered. 

Make the Connection

Hooking up a MOBIUZ gaming monitor to several platforms is a breeze. With DisplayPort and HDMI, you can have your PC and two consoles connected at the same time. Whatever your version of FIFA 21, you can join the event and game on with ease. Each one of these connections allows for the maximum frame rate on its respective source, with DisplayPort offering up to 165Hz and HDMI allowing for 120Hz on consoles if supported by the game. Do keep in mind both monitors are 1080p. 

Pitch Pretty

FIFA 21 isn’t just about speed and responsiveness, it’s also a lovely, realistic-looking game. You want a display that makes the turf look its greenest and the players appear closest to their actual selves. For that, an IPS panel with superb color accuracy is needed, and the MOBIUZ EX2510S/EX2710S sport exactly that kind of spec. Spectators to scoreboards, every element of FIFA 21 appears in best shape on the top quality IPS panel. The monitors go further and offer a dedicated image mode for sports games, with smart algorithms designed to accentuate core visual features of sports titles. That includes surfaces like grass, player skin tones, and of course team uniforms and colors. You don’t want your favorite team to look off because you’re gaming on a dodgy monitor! 

Hear the Best

The MOBIUZ EX2510S and EX2710S don’t skimp on audio. With powerful treVolo's five sound settings that enable precise treble, rich mid-range, and resounding bass they offer a very viable sound option, and you don’t need to buy standalones. From football field sounds to the crowd, and importantly the ongoing commentary plus signature FIFA soundtrack, everything sounds bold and clear. We do recommend headphones to avoid disturbing others, but if you can, you should try the treVolo sound setup on these monitors, it does make a big difference. 

Looking Ahead in the Lineup

Just as you’d expect, FIFA 21 is going to be followed by FIFA 22. The good news is that FIFA 22 is moving to a whole new game engine on consoles, which EA calls Hypermotion. On PC, FIFA 22 may stick with Frostbite or use a different engine, we don’t know. But we do expect Xbox Series X/S and PS5 will get 120Hz modes so your 165Hz MOBIUZ gaming monitor will certainly be up to the task.

We also hope you join the BenQ MOBIUZ European Cup, and good luck because there are prizes to be won! 


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