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Unleashing Creativity and Passion: The Journey of Abstract Artist John Kotos

  • 2024-04-30

Welcome to visit John's Instagram or his personal website.

In the dynamic world of artistry, the path to success often winds through challenges, self-discovery, and unwavering passion. Abstract artist John Kotos embodies this journey, seamlessly balancing parenthood, a remote day job, and an unyielding love for painting. His story is a testament to the transformative power of doing what you love, self-improvement, and achieving remarkable milestones.

Discovering Harmony in Daily Hustle

John's daily routine begins with the responsibilities of parenting and the demands of a hybrid day job, starting as early as dawn. However, amidst the busyness, he carves out a sacred space for his true passion—painting. Once his children are tucked in bed, John dedicates two and a half hours to the canvas, whether it be acrylic or watercolor. This delicate balance is a testament to his commitment to both his family and his art.

John with his beloved kids visits the woods in Florida.

Art as a Stress Relief Turned Profession

Art began as a personal hobby for John, evolving into a shared and sellable venture at his family's encouragement. Though selling wasn't initially his goal, the joy derived from the process keeps him dedicated.

John readily offers advice to aspiring artists who reach out to him, emphasizing the critical importance of discovering a style that aligns with personal comfort. He highlights that this key aspect not only leads to reaching a stage where external opinions matter less but also cultivates a mindset characterized by self-satisfaction and passion.


"The mindset of creating without being overly influenced by external opinions allowed me to share my work confidently when I felt comfortable and proud of my paintings."

"Seaside" Acrylic Painting;Dimensions: 36" x 48"

Brushstrokes of Inspiration: John's Journey into Abstract Art

John's journey into abstract art began at the age of 14, ignited by a transformative visit to MoMA in New York. Encountering the works of Pollock and Rothko in person inspired him to experiment with spray paint. This exploration led him to favor acrylics for their superior color balance. Influenced by Baroque and Impressionist masters, John delved into color theory, expanding his palette beyond the blues he was accustomed to. His inspiration is drawn from the vibrant colors and plant survival strategies in Florida's natural world, capturing his artistic sensibilities.

BenQ: Who is your biggest artistic influence?

John: I find inspiration in the abstract expressionist movement, particularly drawn to artists like Pollock, especially in my early years. I continue to explore and incorporate his groundbreaking visual language into my work in various ways.

BenQ: Would you prefer viewers interpreting your work freely, or would you prefer offering explanations?

John: I enjoy observing initial reactions and interpretations of my work. Recently, I've shown my work in person more, witnessing the intriguing responses as people's eyes are drawn to it, gradually understanding and appreciating the pieces. I tend to provide explanations of my work if requested, but for the most part I prefer to have each individual approach the work with an open mind.

This photo was taken by John himself, showcasing the natural landscapes of Florida, which also serve as one of his sources of creative inspiration.

The Universal Language of Art: Bridging Cultures and Generations

Through reading documents on abstract expressionists, John discovered the beauty of a universal language. He frequently receives feedback from around the world, including South America, Asia, and Europe, which profoundly moves him, particularly in the sense that art holds the power to break down language barriers. According to John, art serves as a unique conversation that transcends universes and time, connecting people across regions and generations. The collective efforts of artists from different eras define the enduring beauty of this ever-evolving tapestry of artistic expression.

John's artistic workspace featuring the BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp.

Illuminating the Creative Process

In the space of his garage studio, John faced challenges in detail work due to inadequate lighting. The introduction of the BenQ e-reading Desk Lamp became a game-changer. The lamp not only enhanced his ability to discern colors accurately but also allowed him to experiment with different lighting conditions, illuminating the intricacies of his creative process.

BenQ: Was the garage, where you typically paint, dim before you started using our e-Reading Desk Lamp?

John: Yeah. Working on the intricate details of my art presented challenges due to visibility issues. Accurately discerning color pairings became much easier when I started using the e-Reading Desk Lamp to illuminate my workspace. The lamp is incredibly helpful, making a noticeable difference in distinguishing subtle color variations, such as working on a piece with bright yellows and off-white shades. It has become an integral tool in my process, motivating me to set up a dedicated working desk.

John is in the process of creating artwork, illuminated by the soft glow of a BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp.

Artistic Vision and Future Endeavors

John Kotos passionately resonates with the quote from Robert Rauschenberg, "My paintings are an invitation to look somewhere else, and they have been for a long time." a profound insight derived from a thorough exploration of art. This idea emphasizes the intentional act of drawing viewers into the piece, encouraging them to immerse themselves, lose track of time, and appreciate the thoughtful intention behind each piece. Looking ahead, John aspires to create larger paintings, dedicating more time to each work. His journey stands as an inspiring tribute to passion, resilience, and the universal language of art that unites us—a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's true calling.


“My paintings are an invitation to look somewhere else, and they have been for a long time”- Robert Rauschenberg

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