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Best Monitors to Reduce Eye Strain


Computer monitor usage time is up and so is the number of people dealing with the side effects. You know the culprits: eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, and a loss of productivity. BenQ is an industry-leader in eye-care technologies that focus on eye relief. In fact, we are the first LCD monitor manufacturer to earn TÜV Rheinland eye-care certifications.

Let’s look at how different users can benefit from BenQ eye-care tech. First, we’ll go over common problems from computer usage. Next, there’s an overview of the types of tech and why they matter. There’s Flicker-free, Low Blue Light, and Brightness Intelligence, along with some new innovations. Along the way, we’ll talk about the best eye-care monitors for a variety of uses.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is also known as CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). It’s the collection of ailments that stem from extended digital screen usage. There’s a good chance you’ve experienced some of them:

  • Eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Productivity loss
  • Sleep disruption
  • Blurred vision

BenQ eye care monitors reduce eye strain and replace low blue light glasses

These symptoms occur most in people who spend long periods in front of screens. Length of use and type of use should factor into your buying decision.

Low Blue Light Technology

Light is divided into visible light and invisible light across a broad spectrum. Short-wave blue light can penetrate the cornea and damage the retina. Low Blue Light tech filters the harmful part of that spectrum to protect your eyes.

There are a lot of low blue light solutions, including low blue light glasses, specialized light bulbs, after-market blue light filters, and more. Each has its own positives and negatives. BenQ eye-care monitors equip you with the ability to filter blue light in ways specific to your usage.

There are multiple settings to choose from. Simply select the option that matches your usage from the OSD (On Screen Display). For example, GL2780 computer monitor offers task-specific Low Blue Light modes. If you’re working from home or doing homework, you’ll select “Office.” Once you’re done, take advantage of the 75Hz refresh rate and game in “Multimedia.”

BenQ Low Blue Light technology replaces the need for low blue light glasses or filters
Brightness Intelligence Plus

Intelligent brightness? Yes. This innovative tech debuted in 2018 and changed the monitor-viewing experience forever.

It starts with a nearly-hidden sensor, tucked along the bottom bezel of BenQ monitors with B.I.+. That tiny workhorse is looking out for your eyes in two ways. Firstly, it assesses external ambient light. This is the amount of light in the space around the monitor. Secondly, it evaluates the content on your screen. This is where it gets really cool.

Brightness Intelligence Plus in BenQ eye care computer monitors

Your BenQ eye-care monitor with Brightness Intelligence Plus processes the information about the conditions around and on your screen, then optimizes it for the most comfortable viewing experience for you and your eyes. This shows up as increased brightness in dark regions of your on screen display without washing out detail in the brighter areas. It also impacts color temperature. Think warm white tones with hints of yellow/orange in bright lighting, and cooler, bluish tones when your space is dim.

The resulting image is clear, balanced, and easy on the eyes in every way. This adaptable, integrated feature cannot be replicated by low blue light glasses, bulbs, or filters – making it a game changer for BenQ monitor users. “Game changer” is an apt term, since BenQ gaming monitors and entertainment monitors like EW2880U and EX240 have this benefit built in.

Flicker-Free Eye Protection

Monitor screens can flicker up to 250 times per second. That’s millions of times over an 8 hour day. Long exposure to this flickering can lead to fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision. Flicker-free technology eliminates the source of the flickers and, therefore, the problems they cause. Every BenQ monitor comes equipped with Flicker-free to ensure eye comfort for all. Who benefits most from this feature? Anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered, distracted, and f monitors like GW2790QT to graphic design, and photo and video-editing displays like PD3220U .

Flicker free BenQ eye care reduces eye strain
BenQ’s Latest eye-care Tech

BenQ continues to fuel innovation in the eye care monitor market. Take a closer look at these latest debuts:

ePaper Mode – simulates an eBook effect for comfortable reading.                                                                    

Color Weakness Mode – uses filters to help people with red/green color perception deficiency distinguish between colors.
Eye Reminder – gives reminders in preset time increments to take breaks to rest your eyes.
Eye-Care for You

However you add it to your screen time, eye-care of some kind can improve comfort, productivity, and even sleep. So, pun intended, it’s worth taking a look at. Your solution depends on how and how much you use your monitor. Sometimes, an off-the-shelf fix will meet your needs just fine. If, however, they don’t, BenQ eye-care monitors offer integrated tech to make sure looking at your display isn’t an eyesore in any way.

Products from the article


BenQ GW2485TC offers superior image performance, ergonomic design, and USB-C connectivity. Built-in mic and daisy chain are designed for work from home users.


BenQ GW2790QT is an ergo USB-C Monitor with a 27-inch QHD display, Noise Filter Speaker and mic along with Eye-Care technologies that provide comfort and ease.


BenQ PD3220U ships from the factory with default color settings that perfectly match Mac® and MacBook® Pro laptop colors. Covering 95% P3, 100% sRGB, and 100% Rec.709 with amazing Delta E ≤ 3 ensures superb accuracy.


BenQ EW3280U, 4K UHD IPS panel with BenQ proprietary HDRi technology plus DCI-P3 wide color gamut and FreeSync, takes video enjoyment to the next level.

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