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Dusting for Quality

Why a dust-proof engine is important in a laser projector

BenQ North America
BenQDust Proof Projector

We live in a dusty, dusty world, made worse by the rise in pollution from transportation, business operations, manufacturing, and construction. While the effects of dust on humans is certainly well-known, few people know the effects it has on their projector quality—especially laser models. Left unprotected, projectors can begin to break down with telltale signs of diminished color and brightness as dust particles gather inside sensitive optical components, which include the light source system and imaging system.

Dust-proof technology can make all the difference in quality as well as offer incredible value as it protects the lifespan of the customer’s investment. For these reasons, BenQ’s highest priority besides image quality is to guard against dust. In environments where dust is of critical concern, such as a large venues where the projector will be mounted out of reach for continuous maintenance.

BenQ’s Blue Core DLP laser projectors are equipped with Dust Guard Technology, which uses a sensor that detects the spinning of color wheels through changes in magnetic flux density. Dust Guard also incorporates a convex Anti-dust Accumulation Sensor, ensuring the infrared signal receiver maintains peak sensitivity and guarantees consistently excellent color performance. BenQ’s lineup also includes Dust Guard Pro models, which are built with fully sealed optical engines that boast IP5X-certification, a leading standard for protection against hair, dust, fiber, and other particles.

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