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Why the BenQ ScreenBar is Brilliant for Minimalists

Have you found the perfect lighting for your minimalist work space?

BenQ ScreenBar Lighting is the best desk lighting option

Are you one of the 43% of North Americans who work from home on a regular or occasional basis according to the recent US Government census? Does your creativity and productivity thrive on minimalist office décor, clean lines, and an office free from clutter? Then the BenQ ScreenBar is the perfect lighting solution for your office space feng shui.

Desk lighting is one of the most impactful ways of defining your workspace. In addition to lighting up your desk, it also helps define your brand. For those who delight in clever and minimal designs, the BenQ ScreenBar can revolutionize your workspace by taking your traditional desk lamp – off the desk. Its unique LED wand shape elegantly illuminates your workspace as it floats above your monitor and eliminates annoying screen glare. For those who work near windows, the light will intelligently adjust to your changing ambient light and can shift from warm to cool light at a simple press of a button. With its graceful lines, the BenQ ScreenBar helps turns your workspace into a work of art.

BenQ ScreenBar Lighting is the best minimalist desk lighting option

According to a review on Forbes, “After just a few weeks of using the BenQ ScreenBar Plus, I am completely hooked on it. The idea of going back to a regular LED desk lamp — with the extra space it takes up and the subpar lighting coverage — has zero appeal.”

If you value minimalist décor, streamline design, and minimized desk clutter, the BenQ ScreenBar Lighting can improve your productivity and spur on your creativity. The bottom line; minimalist ScreenBar embraces the concept of “less is more.”

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