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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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BenQ Helps Make Extended Home Stays Productive and Fun

A woman stays at home working while enjoying her free time with a projector for visual entertainment

Situations change and we may need or want to work from home for extended periods of time. Thanks to the diverse wonders of modern technology, you can make the most of the situation and stay comfortable, whether working, learning, teaching, or enjoying.

Humanity is now more connected and interactive than ever. While working from home you can maintain the same levels of productivity you know from the office, or even improve on them. We have the technology to make the indoors productive, creative, and pleasurable.

Monitors, projectors, speakers, even screen light bars and desk lamps. All offer more than just tech, they’re life enablers and essentials for maintaining your rhythm. 

Home Is Where the Office Is – and Where You’re Productive

Technology allows every home space to transform into a productive career-enabling locale. You have access to gorgeous 4K monitors that make every work file and presentation burst with detail. For increased comfort while working, lamps and screen bars ease eye strain during creative sessions. We also offer portable projectors for casting business content onto large format displays, or any wall you may have available at home.

To further enhance work at home, BenQ products all feature human-centric designs that make using them enjoyable and effortless so you don’t need to spend time on cumbersome setup or hassle-prone interfaces. The last thing you need in your life is stress-inducing finnicky tech. That’s not going to happen with BenQ products, rest assured.

Stay in touch with your team, work comfortably on eye-friendly displays with the finest image quality, and make the most of interactive tools that leverage high speed connectivity. 

Knowledge Keeps Us Strong – Teach and Learn From Home

If you’re a student engaged in learning from home, then BenQ monitors offer eye-friendly, easy to use displays with superb image quality for every budget. Entry level to premium, you have a monitor waiting to support your ongoing studies as you carry on from home. No need to limit yourself to a tiny tablet or even laptop screen that’ll strain your eyes and make text difficult to read. Put educational materials up on bigger and brighter monitors and study in style. Then place a classy desktop lamp designed specifically for monitors by eliminating glare and other eye-straining factors. 

Entertainment Lifts Our Spirits – Fun and Relaxation Wherever You May Be

You’re home, you’re comfortable, and ready for a period of productivity, learning, and yes – fun. The best motivation is happiness and BenQ is right there with you. As you keep your work and school schedule active during your stay at home, it’s important to allocate time for hobbies and the things that make you happy.

There’s so much entertainment accessible to you at home thanks to technology. Gaming monitors with 4K, HDR, and 144Hz framerates pair great with your PC and consoles, so why not work through your game backlog plus new releases? Thanks to 2.1 channel TreVolo audio, a lot of our monitors have superb sound so they work great as displays for streaming content from your favorite TV and movie apps. On the topic of speakers, we have standalone models audiophiles may be interested in.

If you’re a dedicated movie buff, then how about a beautiful 4K projector with HDR and all the trimmings? Every living room a movie theater, each movie a spectacle. If you’re more into compact and mobile, then a portable projector also provides big screen enjoyment, and additionally can move easily from room to room while doubling as a Bluetooth speaker. Portable projectors offer a special treat for kids who may be a little down due to being at home for so long. Bring them projectors to their rooms for an impromptu magical movie session and see the young ones light up with joy. 

Hope Starts at Home

Sit back, game, watch a few shows, take in movies each night, and enjoy every moment of your home life. Productivity, knowledge, and entertainment have always been humanity’s ways of making living that much more meaningful and happier, and we make those traditions even better. Remember the many avenues for self-fulfillment available to you, then get up and ensure the day matters! 

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