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04/16/2021 – 04/23/2021

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Predict the Oscars. Win a TK850i Projector.

Enter our Oscar giveaway on Instagram for a chance to win a TK850i 4K UHD projector (MSRP: $1,799)

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04/01/2021 – 05/30/2021

#Contest   #Monitor

Family Pet Photo Contest

Enter our family pet photo contest on Instagram for a chance to win a SW271C + $1200 cash!

11/16/2020 - 12/23/2020

#Contest   #Monitor

Create with BenQ Holiday

We had a lot of fun, festive holiday submissions. Thank you all who participated in this contest!


#Contest   #Monitor

BenQ Gaming Bash Ft. Fortnite

Join our Fortnite contest that includes BenQ influencers and other gamers to win desirable BenQ gaming monitors! Sign up now.


#Webinar   #Monitor

Waterfall Photography Lightroom Editing Workflow

Brian Akerson - Akerson Studios will demonstrate how to edit tricky waterfall photos from capture to completion in Lightroom.



#Giveaway   #Monitor


The leaves are changing and we want you to #share your photos for a chance to win a #BenQ #SW321C #monitor in our FREE #giveaway.


#Webinar   #Monitor

Communicate with Color: Create with color accurate monitors

Join photographer and BenQ Ambassador Art Suwansang as he shares techniques for working with accurate colors that can enhance the quality of your creative project.


#Webinar    #Monitor

The Magic of Photoshop

Join hyper-realist artist, Bert Monroy, as he teaches you how to create photorealistic imagery from scratch using the tools in Photoshop to create images that can’t be photographed.

09/01/2020 - 09/30/2020

#Giveaway    #Monitor

BenQ MOBIUZ Gaming Nationwide Giveaway Competition

We're celebrating the launch of our new MOBIUZ gaming monitor line by giving away three EX2510 monitors


#Webinar    #Monitor

Videography Webinar

Join PhotoJoseph Studios as he teaches key workflows and insider tricks for HDR video and photo editing as part of BenQ’s educational webinar series.


#Webinar    #Monitor

Color Management The Easy Step to Good Color

Outdoor photographer, Andy Biggs, TOMORROW as he covers the monitor calibration and profiling process so you can work on your photographs with confidence!


#Contest    #Monitor

BenQ Gaming Bash Feat. COD: Warzone

Compete and You Could Win an EX2710 Gaming Monitor! Enter the BenQ Gaming Bash on 8/13 10:00pm (EST) and play COD: Warzone with the elite BenQ Squad: Tech HD, LaserBolt and Coldbwoyy.

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