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Gaming Monitor

Using the right monitor for your gaming sessions will have numerous advantages. A gaming monitor can help you get better at your favorite game, take care of your eyes for long gaming sessions, and offer you the most enjoyable gaming experience with the highest quality screens available on the market.

We help you choose the right gaming monitor for your needs!

Learn how does a BenQ gaming monitor gives you a competitive advantage when paired with your PC or favorite console.

Why Gaming Monitors?

To get the most out of games on PC and consoles, monitors need to have features and technologies specifically tailored to gaming. Here at BenQ we love games and love making monitors. We know what it takes to make a display that’s carefully tailored to gaming and gamers, covering every genre and working with PC and console platforms. 

Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

Panel Type

When looking for the ideal gaming monitor, panel type may be one of the most important specifications to look into. While TN, IPS, and VA panels all perform well in modern gaming monitors, there are subtle differences that can prove advantageous to different types of gamers or in different genres of play. Learn more about how each panel type relates to other important specs such as response time, refresh rate, viewing angles, and color space, and find out more about each panel type’s particular characteristics.


Perhaps the first spec everybody looks at when choosing a gaming monitor. Full HD, 1440p, or 4K resolutions each have their advantages and ideal usage scenarios. Figure out what is the best resolution for your gaming preferences and how to maximize the visual clarity of your games by learning more about gaming monitor resolutions and how they impact your enjoyment.


Right alongside resolution, screen size stands as the most important consideration when choosing a gaming monitor that’s right for you. Delve into topics such as pixel density and viewing distance to discover the best size to resolution ratio for your gaming needs. Whether a 27” 1440p or a 32” 4K, your gaming monitor of choice should offer a good size fit. 

Refresh Rate

Gaming monitors sport refresh rates rarely achieved by non-gaming displays and especially uncommon on TVs. PC gamers have been taking advantage of this for many years, but now console gamers also get to enjoy the benefits of higher refresh rates such as 144Hz as consoles become increasingly powerful. A 144Hz monitor more than doubles the framerate of a typical 60Hz TV or non-gaming monitor for much smoother and more responsive gameplay. That’s a big plus in genres like first person shooters, especially for esports and other competitive play. Check out this section to learn more about refresh rates and related terms like adaptive sync and variable refresh rate. 

Response Time

An important factor for interactive entertainment, response time tells us how quickly pixels on a monitor change values and thus effectively indicates just how fast a monitor can display images. Faster response times are preferred by gamers to prevent issues such as ghosting and to make the most of the higher refresh rates now possible. Find out why gaming monitor response times always beat those of TVs and how responsive gaming monitors give you a competitive advantage.


PC and console gaming have embraced high dynamic range presentation in a big way starting in the mid-2010s. With more HDR content available, having the monitor to make the most of every experience counts more than ever. BenQ gaming monitors include VESA DisplayHDR-certified models that properly showcase HDR content for breathtaking gaming sessions. We explain what HDR is, how to enable HDR in your games, and how BenQ gaming monitors deliver the accurate and impressive HDR-enhanced gaming experiences. 

HDR Gaming Monitor


BenQ monitors offer ergonomic designs for quick setup and intuitive ease of use. We include a host of connectors such as the latest HDMI and DisplayPort versions, plus USB-C for effortless hook up to a host of PCs, gaming consoles, and entertainment devices. Then there’s multi-monitor arrangements and of course all-important audio, including powerful onboard gaming monitor 2.1 channel sound. Check all of those out and more in this section. 

Gaming Platforms

Whether you enjoy games on a PC or are a hardcore console gamer, there are multiple benefits to complementing your setup with a dedicated gaming monitor. Take advantage of high refresh rates and variable refresh rate technologies like FreeSync to make sure you never experience screen tearing or miss a frame of the action. For gamers keen on high resolution visual impact and rich audio, we have refined 4K IPS monitors that boast beautiful colors and integrated 2.1 sound that will make your games feel impressive like no TV can. Dive deeper here for more about how to choose the best gaming monitor for your console or PC.

BenQ Gaming Monitor Technology

BenQ design and engineering teams dedicate themselves to developing unique technologies that differentiate us from other gaming monitor makers. BenQ gaming monitors use the best panels from trusted partners. Each model features meticulously-crafted and researched design, and incorporates exclusive technologies not found on any other gaming monitor brand. These technologies, like HDRi, BlackEqualizer, and treVolo audio, have been developed with gamers in mind and are focused on giving players an edge in all types of gaming. Discover why choosing a BenQ gaming monitor really does level up your enjoyment factor.