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Thibault Roland

BenQ expert Thibault Roland

Fine Art Photographer / USA

Thibault Roland is fine art photographer, workshop instructor and lecturer. Sony artisan of imagery. X-rite ambassador based in Portland, OR.

Born in France in 1981, Thibault Roland grew up with a love of science and eventually obtained a PhD in Physics in 2009. He came to the US to work as a researcher at Cornell and Harvard Universities, where he focused on optics and microscopy. This is when he became fascinated by photography and how scientific concepts such as time and space can be integrated into his art through techniques such as long exposure and tilt/shift photography.
He now uses his science background as an inspiration for his vision and creates very graphical work that relies on rigorous attention to the details, from the elaboration of the images all the way to the final print.
Thibault uses digital and film cameras and loves the smell of chemistry when developing film or printing in the darkroom. To him photography is not truly complete unless a physical archival print is made, framed and hanging on a wall.
Thibault currently lives in Portland, OR.

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