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Rob Ferrer

Rob Ferrer / Mexico

Rob Ferrer is a Mexican photographer passionate for focused on finding the beauty in humanity and sharing knowledge to create a more prepared photographic society.

Rob Ferrer is originally from Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico. He currently works for Nikon School in Mexico teaching digital photography and has been doing one-on-one workshops for over 18 years. He also works as a Freelance Photographer doing mainly commercial photography. He has worked for clients such as Nikon México, Grupo México, TMM Logistics, Vitro, Timberland, Novavision, Ferromex and Truper to mention a few. He is the first Vyorsa Ambassador in Mexico and is certified as an Adobe ACA. He has taught at UNAM, UAEM, FES Acatlán, UDG, BUAP and also workshops at the Urquiza photography school. He has also given courses, talks and conferences at the main photography events in Mexico such as: Nikon Foto Quest, FFIEL, Master Class, Fotofestin, Expo Foto Regis, Expo del Mundo Digital and at special events at department stores in Mexico such as Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, Best Buy and Sanborns.

He has been a judge at the main photography contests in Mexico such as “Haz click con México” for the World Photography Cup, MÉXICO EN UNA IMAGEN and the 5th FFIEL Photography Contest 2020.

In order to promote photography in México and also Latin America, Rob Ferrer has created online communities in Facebook such as NIKONISTAS MÉXICO, MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHER MEXICO, NIKONISTAS LATAM, and ALIANZA INTERNACIONAL DE FOTOGRAFÍA.

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