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Mark Wood
Fine Art and Commercial Photographer / UK

Photographer Mark Wood splits his time between commercial work and teaching, whilst ensuring he makes time for his personal projects. Mark trained as a printmaker, utilizing the traditional techniques of etching and lithography to create fine art print, before moving to digital print in the mid 90’s.

Mark came to photography through his fine art and graphic design. In his early career Mark ran a graphic design business producing artwork for print. This discipline laid the foundations for understanding color management for photographers. Teaching has always been important to Mark. He spent ten years teaching digital imaging and print production in colleges and universities in the UK, before returning to freelance practice in 2003. Since then, Mark has worked primarily as a photographer, shooting a variety of briefs for interior and product designers, as well as working as a documentary photographer.

Mark’s fine-art has won several awards and garnered great critical reviews. His projects have been funded by Arts Council England, and have attracted support from Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

“With the right technology, and a little effort, the processes and techniques of color management can be learnt and put into practice. So, when fabulous prints come back from the lab or roll out of an inkjet printer, a photographer can celebrate their creativity, rather than sigh with relief that money hasn’t been wasted!” — Mark Wood

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