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Share Your HT4550i Story to receive $200 back in credit!

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Chen Jian Qiang

Landscape Photographer/ China

With over 30 years of experience in creative work on his resume, Chen Jian Qiang has been capturing moments and locations through his career thanks to a keen sense of artistic awareness.

Chen Jian Qiang has a strong devotion to photography related to human and natural scenes. He has traveled across the provinces of China and countries all over the world to witness people and create a significant body of photographic work. His most notable projects include photo features in Western China, Bangladesh, India, and Africa.

In 2005, Mr. Chen put much effort into photography education with a specialty in human scenes, landscapes, creative, commercial, portraits, art, and post production. He has been cultivating and educating new talents who are interested in high end photography and visual art.

Mr. Chen organized more than ten photography exhibitions and competitions to stimulate interest in local and international photography. He is very dedicated to creating opportunities for peers and enthusiasts as a means to foster inspiration and creativity.