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Solli Kanani

BenQ global photographer expert Solli Kanani

Food / Landscape / Lifestyle Photographer/ Sweden

Solli Kanani is a professional photographer based in Paris. It was when she moved to the City of Lights from Sweden, her native country, when her passion for photography was born.

Solli loves wandering in distant places, to explore off the beaten paths, near the sea or in nature to immortalize the sceneries and to find inspiration.


"Creating a deeper connection with places and people is for me, fundamental. My primary aim is to capture the soul in my frame. Immortalizing authentic and instant moments is a part of my life’s journey that I wish to share."


With a genuine interest in gastronomy she spend the majority of her time doing food photography. She contributes with images to food magazines but also captures plates of Michelin-starred and award-winning chefs. Several of her photos were recently shortlisted in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020. Moreover she has recently created a Youtube-channel entirely devoted to food photography where she shares her skills and experience for everybody who is curious about food photography and wants to learn more. Over the years she has collaborated with many brands, created material for various campaigns and today she is a Nikon-partner and Nik Collection ambassador.