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Alexandre and Chloé Bès

BenQ Expert Alex and Chloe Bes

Nature and Wildlife Photographers / France

Alexandre and Chloé Bès are a professional photographer and videographer couple based in Alsace (Obernai) who together share their passion for nature and animals.

Through their photos, Alexandre and Chloé Bès reveal the splendor of the wild world around us in order to arouse curiosity and emotion in the public. Thanks to very close-up shots, they love to reveal the smallest details that so sublimate animals. Moreover, it is fascinating atmosphere and light that make their images exude astonishment. Discover and share with them their greatest favorites through striking and unique shots, while rallying to their cause: the protection of our biodiversity.

Their photos are managed by a nature photo agency and published in various magazines and newspapers around the world. They have had the chance to win several prizes in the biggest photo competitions in the world. Since 2021, they have been organizing photo workshops in Kenya and South Africa to hone their trade and pass on their passion!

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