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Martin Benes

Colby Brown
Creative Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor / Italy

Self-made and self-taught, Martin is a high-end Photoshop instructor and Creative Retoucher and also the founder of Creative Pro Show, a company that dedicates itself to spreading creative knowledge worldwide. As a Behance Ambassador, X-Rite Coloratti, Adobe ACP, Deposit photos and BenQ Ambassador, Martin loves to help his clients in the fields of Business Skills, Social Dynamics, and Online Business Strategy & Creativity.

Running his own businesses across the world, he has gained many insights toward the world, constructed his own ideas about what innovation really means and learns everything new about people and social behavior. As a passionate innovator in teaching & learning, creativity, and social media, he loves innovations and enjoys sharing his abundant knowledge. He can thus help his countless clients achieve their goals for business and personal life.

As a multilingual, he travels a lot and finds it nourishing to himself and his work. He firmly believes that the real education takes place outside the traditional way of learning. That is what traveling means to him: to push his comfort zone, to constantly learn much more than he ever did in the classroom and to take a big step to experience a completely different lifestyle.

Martin enjoys meeting new people and befriending them. Be sure to reach out to him if you want to know more about him and his expertise!

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