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Help us decide who has the best game room by voting weekly! You can vote up to 7 times each week. Each vote will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a FREE gaming projector. Check the bracket every Monday from now to July 28th to submit your votes!

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Thanks for taking the time to cast your vote! Make sure to check back every Monday to vote for the new round! By voting, you'll qualify to receive a 5% off discount code on all gaming projectors.

Each vote will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a free gaming projector: TH690ST, TK700, TK700STi, or an X3000i. You can vote up to 7 times a week, which means more chances to win!

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One winner will not only receive the Best Game Room title but will also get one FREE gaming projector! The winner will be able to choose between an X3000i, TH690ST, TK700, and TK700STi gaming projector.

Voting is now open!
See What Our Members Are Up To

“The colors that I added from the BenQ Color Suggestions were great. The only thing I changed was the brightness down 1, color temperature to  warm, and lowered B Gain by 5%.”


Username: CaptainBubbles

Projector: X3000i

Game: A Plague Tale: Requiem

State: Tennessee

 “I find the settings [Suggested Color Settings] to be more true to life, more captivating. The settings BenQ provided really helped enhance my experience. ”


Username: UnKle Jo

Projector: X3000i

Game: NBA2K23

State: Georgia

“This projector can project from a short distance. The picture is really really bright!”


Username: SS

Projector: TH690st

Game: Need for Speed

State: Ontario


Username: Leekzo

Projector: X3000i

Game: God of War

State: Ontario


Username: Seamus

Projector: X3000i

Game: Elden Ring

State: New Hampshire

More Videos

“We are very immersed in the experience. The immersion - it’s awesome!”


Username: ToadThumper

Projector: X3000i

Game: Batman

State: Texas

 “I do enjoy the high refresh rate from the projector”


Username: SavageXXXXX

Projector: X3000i

Game: It Takes Two

State: West Virginia

“The reason I bought this projector is the low input lag”


Username: imageman

Projector: X3000i

Game: NBA 2K23

State: Texas

 “The screen is huge, which is pretty great for gaming”


Username: WhaleJabber

Projector: TH690ST

Game: Demon's Souls

State: California

“The color really pops on this thing and we love it!”


Username: DCook42

Projector: X3000i

Game: Super Mario Odyssey

State: Texas

“My favorite feature is that it has great responsiveness. There is no input lag and you are playing on a 120” screen.”


Username: VideoHero

Projector: TK700STi

Game: Halo

State: Texas

“When I play God of War, or any game that requires a responsive controller, it [X3000i] is just as responsive as my 144 Hz monitor that I have for Counter Strike and Valorant.”


Username: MrOhbvius

Projector: X3000i

Game: God of War: Ragnarok

State: New Jersey

Username: Dodoy_is_me

Projector: TH685i

Game: Assassin's Creed Valhalla

State: Texas

Username: LeroyX3000i

Projector: X3000i

Game: Dragon Ball Z

State: South Carolina

Username: Superbro

Projector: X3000i

Game: Elden Ring

State: New Jersey

Username: Eric

Projector: HT4050

Game: Far Cry: The Wild Expedition

State: California

Username: CasualGamerGreg

Projector: TH585

Game: Counterstrike

State: Pennsylvania

Username: EndoFong

Projector: HT2150ST

Game: Elden Ring

State: Idaho

Username: Weiguo Xia

Projector: HT2150ST

Game: Horizon Forbidden West

State: Michigan

Username: Superryan

Projector: W1070

Game: Spiderman

State: Texas

Username: Dumension

Projector: X3000i

Game: Batman

State: Texas

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