Why Portable Projectors are Great for Camper Van/RV Entertainment


The summer of 2020, and possibly summers to come, presents several challenges people have not faced in a long time. Or actually ever, considering the circumstances. For the first time in the age of modern travel, hopping on a plane for your vacation isn’t all that easy, and increasingly, people transition to local, ground bound leisure travel rather than long distance excursions that rely on airplanes.

Instead of those airplanes, recreational vehicles are coming back in style, because they offer vacationers the ability to extend travel range without depending on public transportation or even hotels. Unlike the cramped confines of regular passenger cars, camper vans and other recreational vehicles (RVs) offer an environment that’s very close to a home on wheels. And that includes entertainment. Portable projectors up the fun factor as they offer camper van dwellers a massive screen experience on the road. RVs can’t fit large screen TVs or complex entertainment systems, since they have limited space and power delivery. Easily rechargeable and simple to use portable projectors fit right into the picture, so to speak. 

a group of friends watch movies on a camper RV with a portable projector

The Limits of Camper Van Entertainment

Unless you want to huddle around a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, then you’ll need a proper screen for your camper van/RV viewing pleasures. And while camper vans are bigger than cars, they’re still not the size of a house or apartment, so there’s only so much space available for everything. Entertainment isn’t your only need on the road, which means you have to consider everything you put in the vehicle for space, weight, and power reasons. You can fit a small to medium TV and maybe a game console plus streaming box, but that’s about it.


Power connectors are at a premium in most camper vans, and if you overdo things, you’ll drain the battery really fast, which necessitates keeping the camper van running – leading to gas consumption and so forth. Furthermore, most modern entertainment relies on the internet, and that could prove problematic for a moving vehicle. Even if you have pricey satellite internet, you may experience spotty connectivity depending on where you are. You could share your phone’s 4G or 5G connection, but again, performance may vary.


Conversely, a good portable projector weighs little, charges quickly and has over three hours of battery life, fits virtually anywhere, and works just fine in offline mode. When on the road, we recommend a back to basics setup of sorts: portable projector and Blu-ray or DVD player, plus lots of discs of your favorite movies and TV shows. To save space, you can even leave the disc boxes at home. 

Exploring the Great Outdoors in Comfort

Camper vans and RVs were designed for people who want to enjoy the splendors of the road while remaining as self-reliant as possible. You drive, cook, and sleep your way across the span of your chosen road trip with less dependence on external factors compared to when driving a regular car. But that also means you’ll need to entertain yourself and any co-travelers, as you won’t have access to motel cable TV every night.


While driving, sightseeing, and hiking nature trails may take up most of your daytime during your camper van adventure, evenings will likely be spent hanging out at a campsite or parking area. That’s when you’ll do your cooking, barbecuing, and communal interaction.


Then it’ll be time to kick back and enjoy some movies, and that’s where a portable projector proves so useful. 

A Thousand Star Rating

Portable projectors, when done right, have bright and clear image quality that shines great at night as you enjoy your road-based freedom beneath the stars, away from any cities. You don’t need a special screen, but you can get one if you want. If there’s no screen around, just use the side of your camper van, the wall of any available structure, or a blanket hung up between two trees. We’re not joking, that last one works fine. Don’t forget, a proper portable projector has quality built-in speakers to take care of the sound, saving you the need to worry about external audio and cable clutter.


Of course, if you want to go all luxury-class, that’s possible with offerings like the Kompanja van, but you don’t need to go that far. We’re all about keeping things simple.


Relax, watch a favorite movie or TV show, laugh with family and friends, and recharge for another day of exploration and wonder. With a camper van or RV, you have a greater degree of freedom to determine your itinerary and keep the pace slower and more contemplative, and a portable projector is an important ally in your quest for the ultimate road trip. Just make sure you pick the right one


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