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The sustainability of a company lies in the strong foundation of economic, environmental and social aspects. Only through constant realization can one accumulate energy for future sustainable growths. BenQ continued to strengthen its corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment 'N' Quality to Life”. Through diversified operational method, we enter the L.I.F.E four areas from 3C products, hoping to provide consumers with a better digital fashion life, highly-efficient corporate operation, complete and advanced medical equipment service as well as more flexible application of educational learning. We also expect to fulfill corporate duties when pursuing profits and growths, bringing a positive influence to the society and people.

In economic environmental aspect, the overall market dipped in 2018 due to slowed growth for the global information electronic product demand. BenQ continued the product development strategy of focusing on professional, high-end and high added-value products to respond to the market decline and volume reduction of entry-level products. Take LCD display for example, BenQ continued to focus on professional display, gaming display and large-size high-end display sales development. We lead in introducing new-generation eye-protection display technologies, combining TUV Rheinland eye-protection certification while further strengthening the leading position of eye-protection display market globally. BenQ LCD displays will continue to grow steadily toward application innovation, function differentiation and special applications. Projector sales also topped the world in the DLP segment for the ninth consecutive year. Our team continued to cultivate customer demand experience and focused on the home market with world’s leading “CinematicColor? patented color management technology” while was also actively involved in developing business and high-end engineer application markets to continue expanding the leading position of global market share.In the economic performance segment, although the global information electronic market slightly declined in 2016 due to slowed demand growth, BenQ continued its strategy of focusing on high-end, high value- added products amid the volume reduction of low-end product market scale. Take BenQ products for examples, we continue to focus on the sales and development of high-end professional, gaming and large-size LCD displays while steadily growing our various functions, differentiation and special-application products; for projectors, we won the top spot of global DLP sales market for eight consecutive years and continued to cultivate customer demand experience, focusing on four areas: education, home, business and professional engineer model markets. In 2017 we will speed up and increase the volume of 4K high-end models, focusing on high value-added models such as dust-prevention, short-focus and super short-focus to keep

BenQ had various successful results with its product design in 2018. BenQ treVolo S static electricity Bluetooth speaker won “IF Design” award; BenQ X-sign digital solution won “IF Design” award; BenQ home projector W1700 received “Good Design” award; BenQ screen-use smart hanging lamp received “Good Design”. Other products such as notebook-use smart hanging lamp, 4K HDR eye-protection Internet large-size LCD, 4K HDR eye-protection large color-gamut large-size LCD and 4K HDR comfort eye-protection screen all received recognition of “Taiwan Excellence Award”. The unique design positioning of BenQ received constant attention from international design fields, while its various products, incorporating environmental-protection and energy-preservation in design concept, win certificates of Energy Star.

In environmental management, BenQ continues to consider overall product delivery and usage phase environmental impacts during product R&D phase such as energy saving, package reduction and easy-to-recycle designs with product life cycle thinking. With improvement of various segments, BenQ creates green products that are environmental-friendly and have lower impact on the environment to respond to stakeholder expectation. For WiT smart desk lamp, we do not use cheap plastic materials used by various competing desk lamps and adopt environmental-friendly green materials. Even for those parts requiring using plastic materials, we avoid earth-unfriendly paint-spraying method while using the most pure design to love and care for our earth to respond to the anticipation of related interest parties. BenQ also regularly received third-party validation, realizing execution of environmental management tasks while encouraging employee participation. In 2018, BenQ held an energy-preservation and waste-reduction 3R competition, advocating habits such as cherishing resources, preserving energy and reducing wastes. Hence, we can realize energy-preservation and waste-reduction as well as being environmental friendly in enterprise culture.

In social aspect, we believe talent is the company’s most important asset and the key to business growth. Therefore, BenQ strives in creating a carefree and trustworthy working environment while actively investing in diversified educational trainings to cultivate employees’ creativity and competitiveness, further accumulating the ability to continue growing for the company. In 2018, BenQ won the “isports certificate”from Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, for the second year, continuing to innovate in sports facilities and activity planning such as the popular bubble soccer, all-employee participation and personal-defense training. We even set up a high-standard Dr.B health station, offering employees with blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate cloud measurements. We also offered a comfortable showering space, providing employees with a Work Smart, Play Hard five-star working environment, realizing the “corporate social responsibility” of caring for employees.

Starting in 2016, BenQ has received “Taiwan iSports enterprise certificate” by Sports Administration under Ministry of Education (MOE), continuing to innovate in sports hardware equipment and activity planning, offering a “Work Smart, Play Hard” five-star working environment. In 2019, we built a creative sofa area featuring various facilities for creative thinking and discussions for employees to speed up creative thinking with a relax mood. Also, our related employee services are upgraded to better than the five-star hotel level. All factories now are equipped with washlet toilet seats. We added a bread machine costing more than NT$10,000 as well as Italian-style coffee machine. Our employee restaurant is converted to all a you-can-eat buffet with various healthy and delicious food as well as fruit and drink bars for free usage. In promoting work/life balance, we hold various healthy and interesting activities such as family day, little happy hours, exercises and activities, positive power forum and artistic cultural activities, fully creating a happy enterprise, offering all-around body and spiritual cares for employees.

BenQ is a brand based on human beings. We believe that design and technology should meet the true requirements of human beings to perform the best functions. If we can extend from human beings to the society, we can better deliver a fair value of the enterprise and bring positive influence over the society. Because if it matters to you, it matters to us; as such, we hope that BenQ philosophy can be further expanded to every corner of Taiwan, realizing the truth, goodness and beauty of technology life.

Conway Lee

President & CEO of BenQ Corporation


Learn more about BenQ’s CSR initiatives, download BenQ CSR report.

Conflict Minerals Policy

BenQ supports the global prohibition against the conflict minerals1 and corporates with suppliers to conduct investigation to avoid procurement of conflict minerals 2 and minerals that directly or indirectly finance for the benefits of illegal armed groups from conflict-affected regions such as DRC and adjoining countries3.

1. Research findings from international NGOs (Non-Government Organization) such as SOMO and Enough indicate that the Democratic Republic of the Congo, scene of the deadliest conflict since World War II, remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman or a girl—in significant part because of the international demand for electronic products that requires minerals found in the eastern Congo. Companies that produce electronics containing conflict minerals from eastern Congo have a responsibility to ensure that their business dealings are not inadvertently helping to fuel atrocities.
2. Conflict minerals: Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, Gold and Cobalt.
3. DRC and adjoining countries: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan ,Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.