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Your Perfect Home Theater Projector.
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True Cinematic Experience

Delivering images in 2160p true 4K Ultra HD and featuring THX-certified DCI-P3 HDR, the BenQ CinePro series is the best choice for a film festival experience in the comfort of your own home theater...

For the Connoisseur

BenQ’s CinePrime series projectors are out-of-the-box color accurate machines and come with individual factory calibration reports. When every detail has to be right, CinePrime is the right choice...

Perfect for Family Movie Night

Get the family together for an immersive true 4k visual feast, even in a small room. These versatile projectors make family movie night something to be anticipated all week long...

Your Anytime Personal Theater

Revel in the uncompromising image quality and outstanding contrast control even in brightly lit environments. The ultimate experience in laser TV entertainment is now in your home.

Let the Games Begin

It’s fun playing games and watching sporting events with friends and family at home, and with BenQ Home Entertainment projectors you’ll have all the tools you need to enjoy yourselves in ambient living room light.

Immersive Smooth Gaming

Give you the most immersive gaming projector needs instant game modes, auditory impact, and complete command with industry-best low input lag for smooth victories in any gaming genre.

Looking for the Perfect 4K Projector?

Our top picks for movies, sports matches, streaming content, and the best budget 4K projectors. Check it out!

One Projector. Endless Entertainment.

Whether movies, shows, sports or live TV, BenQ smart home projector powered by Android TV has the most extensive entertainment library available. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, BenQ’s projectors provide easy access to Google Play for full family fun.