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Who needs color management?​

Designers such as graphic designers, multimedia designers, web designers and other creative professionals who create visual concepts by using computer software need color management. Color management can help them communicate more effectively.

How to Reproduce Consistent Colors?

Being able to achieve consistent colors across different devices and media is a big challenge, and color management is designed to deliver this consistency

What is BenQ CinematicColor Technology?

True colors evoke feelings of sorrow, joy, romance and thrills by preserving the original image. BenQ home cinema projectors embody our belief to “Convey the truest color and impart the deepest feelings to the viewer.”

The First Step in Better Photography: Choosing an “Excellent” Monitor

Photographers are used to browsing the photo on the camera screen right after snapping a picture. However, we will still upload the captured images to a computer, then select images we would like to keep, and edit them on a large monitor. Have you ever thought about this? Can the monitor reflect the exposure and color of a retouched image in the way you expected?