BenQ Portable Projector Connection Guide

How to connect your devices with BenQ GS2 and GV1 portable projectors

how to connect gs2 outdoor portable projector

Time to enjoy truly versatile entertainment on one convenient, portable, and outdoors-optimized projector. The BenQ GS2 portable projector has been purpose-designed for totally wireless fun and providing instant access to movies, home videos, TV streams, gaming, and even music thanks to doubling as a Bluetooth speaker. The GS2 does it all with integrated Wi-Fi plus handy HDMI and USB-C ports. 

1. Introduction and setup instructions

GS2 Introduction

2. Wireless projection with Wi-Fi

GS2 Wi-Fi Setup

Wireless Projection in iOS and macOS

Wireless Projection in Windows

Wireless Projection in Android

3. Using the GS2 as a hotspot to connect to your devices for wireless projection

GS2 as a Wi-Fi hotspot for iPhone

4. How to enjoy video streaming from the Aptoide TV market?

Install apps from the Aptoide TV market

5. How to connect your devices to the GS2 via HDMI, USB-C, or USB drives?

Wired Connection

6. How to play audio under the Bluetooth speaker mode?

Bluetooth Connection

7. How to set up parental controls, install the BenQ Smart Control app, and do over the air updates?

Parental Control Settings

BenQ Smart Control App

System Updates

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