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Màn hình đồ họa 32 inch 4K IPS Display P3 Thunderbolt 3 | PD3220U

  • Màn hình LED IPS 32 inch 4K UHD 16: 9 với kết nối Thunderbolt 3

  • 100% sRGB và 95% không gian màu Display P3

  • Hỗ trợ nội dung HDR10



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  • What is AQCOLOR?
  • What is uniformity technology?
  • Can I use USB-C to charge my MacBook Pro?
  • What is the purpose of the USB-C port?
  • What is Delta E?
  • How does Display Pilot facilitate your use of a BenQ DesignVue monitor?
  • What are ICC Profile and ICC Sync?
  • What are the benefits that P3 color space offers?
  • What are the benefits of the Hotkey Puck?
  • Why is a 21:9 aspect ratio especially suitable for video editing? How to use split screen on my BenQ ultra-wide Designer monitor? How does KVM switch function? How do I set the right resolution for 16:9 + 5:9 when in PBP mode? When I use the PBP mode, why can’t the monitor display the correct aspect ratio after I’ve used the correct resolution for each partition? What is Image Sticking and How to clean it?
  • What is AQCOLOR?
  • AQCOLOR is BenQ's unique color technology to deliver accurate colors from its professional monitors to its respective users. "Colors You Can Trust" is the goal that BenQ would like its users to experience from color-critical monitors to the services it provides.

  • Can I use Thunderbolt 3 to charge my Macbook Pro?
  • Yes. The monitor's Thunderbolt3 port delivers up to 85W which is sufficient for Windows laptops, MacBook, and MacBook Pro. Check with your laptop manufacturer to make sure your USB-C port offers DisplayPort Alt Mode compatibility and power delivery support.

  • How can I set up dual monitors when there's only one Thunderbolt 3 port on my laptop/PC?
  • Plug the Thunderbolt 3 port (DP Alt mode)  on your laptop and then daisy chain Monitor I and Monitor 2 with another Thunderbolt3 cable. Then, adjust your display settings to duplicate or extend your laptop screen so you can start using dual monitors.

  • How can I reproduce the colors of a MacBook Pro on my BenQ monitor?
  • Since the colors of a MacBook Pro are recognized as a standard among Mac users, BenQ has developed a new M-Book mode to simulate the color specs of MacBook Pro on our monitors. Switch to M-Book Mode to make your BenQ monitor emulate a MacBook Pro.

  • What is Delta E?
  • Delta E is often used to evaluate perceived color differences. A delta of less than 1.00 means that there is no perceivable difference for color experts when two colors are compared side by side, while a delta greater than 3.00 means that there is no significant difference an average person could perceive. 

  • How does Display Pilot facilitate your use of a BenQ DesignVue monitor?
  • Display Pilot is software which integrates quick and easy access for you to utilize your monitor.

    *Desktop Partition: splits your workspace easily without dragging and resizing for various scenarios.

    *Print Assist: helps you get a basic idea of what your work will look like on a printed hard copy and preview results compared to the screen. 

    *Keyboard Hotkey: creates shortcuts to gain access to different color modes, video inputs, and DualView mode without taking your hands off the keyboard. 

    *Application Mode: helps assign and switch to different color modes for your chosen apps and various projects.

  • What are ICC Profile and ICC Sync?
  • An ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device and defines the color gamuts displayed by these devices. ICC Sync is a function included in the Display Pilot software that allows PD series monitors to simplify the color mapping process by syncing ICC profiles of the output and source device to get accurate color settings.

  • What are the benefits that P3 color space offers?

  • P3 is a common color space for digital movie projection created for the American film industry. The P3 color space has a much wider gamut of colors than standard RGB. This means that our displays can show more colors than a regular RGB device, which brings you true-to-life images and videos.

  • What are the benefits of the Hotkey Puck?

  • Hotkey Puck G2 has 3 function keys and a rotation key, allowing users to designate their preferred color modes and features as shortcuts to widely used settings. And the dial makes it easy to adjust the brightness, contrast, and volume.

  • How does KVM switch function?

  • Connect Computer 1 with a USB-C cable and Computer 2 with a video cable and USB upstream cable. Then your monitor will identify the Computer 1 and Computer 2 automatically with the video source and the USB signal it detects and receives. Once this is done, when you switch the input video source from Computer 1 to Computer 2, your monitor will also switch the USB signal to Computer 2.