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Account Management System open on laptop in front of interactive display in classroom
BenQ AMS Account Management System icon


Account Management System

Conveniently load and access your account and cloud storage from any BenQ display.

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Account Management System

Conveniently load and access your account and cloud storage from any BenQ display.

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Turn any BenQ display into your own classroom

AMS lets teachers access their cloud storage and personal settings on any BenQ display quickly and securely. With NFC support, the Pro Series maximizes convenience by enabling one-tap login.

  • NFC card support for display icon

    Tap & Teach

    Log into the display with a tap of your NFC card.

  • Cloud storage access on display icon

    Cloud storage access

    Securely access your cloud storage on any display.

  • Personalized customization on laptop from cloud icon

    Personalized displays

    Automatically load your personal settings at login.

  • SSO and security on display icon

    Enhanced security

    Protect your data with SSO and authentication mode.

See how AMS benefits teachers and improves lesson flow

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Personalized user experience

Make any BenQ display feel like your own. Get instant, secure access to all the tools and materials you need to teach with AMS.

Tap & Teach

Walk up to any Pro Series Board and start your lessons right away. With Tap & Teach, you can log into the display, automatically load personal settings, and access your cloud storage with a single tap of an NFC card.

NFC card tapping sensor on BenQ Board interactive display

Cloud storage access

Logging into a BenQ display automatically lets you access your connected Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive accounts. Securely open and save any files you need for class right on the display using AMS.

Files from cloud and local drives being accessed on BenQ Board interactive display

Personalized teaching space

Save the time it takes to change settings on shared devices. AMS automatically loads your app shortcuts, wallpaper, and website bookmarks every time you log into any BenQ display.

Same desktop content on 3 interactive displays in different classrooms

Secure access from any device

Security is always a concern when using shared devices. AMS is equipped with single sign-on and authentication mode to add extra layers of protection.

Log in securely

When using your school account to log into your BenQ Board, your username and password are sent directly to your authentication server. And since your details are never stored locally, you're safer against credential theft.

Teacher using a laptop with a security icon

Keep your credentials private

Keep your password safe from prying eyes. Use your phone to log into any BenQ interactive display by scanning the QR code so you never have to type out your password on the board.

Smartphone being used to log into a display with QR code

Authentication mode

Activate authentication mode to only allow authorized accounts to access specific devices. This locks displays to the login screen so students and visitors are unable to tamper with the display.

Security lock icon over a hand trying to touch an interactive display

Reduced IT workload

Enjoy the benefits of AMS right away. Teachers can set their own AMS settings, minimizing work for IT staff.

Efficient account management

Once your school’s directory services are synced with BenQ, users can access all BenQ devices and services with SSO. This drastically reduces the amount of work for IT.

Learn how to set up accounts with IAM
IAM and AMS icons and interfaces on two different laptops

One-step setup

NFC support is built into the Pro Series to maximize convenience for teachers and IT staff alike. AMS simplifies the setup process by letting you assign NFC cards to multiple accounts at once with one simple step.

BenQ AMS interface setting up NFC cards for a user
  • Google Drive

  • OneDrive

  • Dropbox

Success stories

Kankakee School District
"BenQ Boards help us by allowing our teachers to be more flexible in their instruction."

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Whykids Institute
"Teachers can use BenQ Boards as blackboards to explain some things or share students' answers."

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  • What is BenQ AMS?

    BenQ AMS (colloquially known by teachers as "All My Stuff") is an account management system designed to enable teachers to quickly and securely access their personal settings and cloud storage on any BenQ Board.

  • What is Tap & Teach?

    Tap & Teach means that you can log in with a single tap of your NFC card. It automatically loads your personal settings and cloud accounts so you can immediately start teaching on the BenQ Board.

  • Can I access my cloud storage on a BenQ Board?

    Yes. You can securely access your cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive by linking it to your BenQ account making it visible only when you are logged in.

  • I'd prefer not to enter my password in front of the entire class, what can I do?

    You can either scan a QR code and log in from your phone or use an NFC card.

  • What happens when I log in to a BenQ Board in another classroom?

    As long as the board is managed on the same network, you will have no trouble logging in using your BenQ account credentials. You will have the exact same experience on this board as AMS will load all your personal settings and give you secure access to your cloud storage.

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