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Top 10 Games to Play on Classroom Interactive Displays

  • BenQ
  • 2023-06-20

Interactive Displays, or BenQ Board make class sessions more productive and engaging. Interactive Displays help introduce much needed levity into classes and provide opportunities for the gamification of learning. Classroom games help students take in knowledge in fun, engaging ways that aren’t as much of a “chore” as traditional learning. And with interactive displays the variety of possible games is almost endless and certainly far beyond anything possible with just pen and paper. 

As students have access to an ever-expanding range of devices, apps, and games, keeping their attention focused in class is an admittedly formidable challenge. That’s why leveraging play is so helpful for engaging students and making classes more enjoyable. Realize that in-class play has always been a great help for sharing knowledge and motivating students, and take advantage of what new technology has to offer in this area, namely the benefits of interactive displays. 

Now let’s take a look at ten games you can play with your students on interactive display right in the classroom, whether via digital whiteboarding software, using specific game applications, or through PowerPoint.

Games for Whiteboard Apps (such as BenQ EZWrite)

The following games require software that allows you and the kids to draw, write, and generally create with ease on an interactive display, such as EZWrite 6.

1. Hangman

What a timeless classic. Hangman has been used to help children learn how to spell for possibly centuries, but if you think the concept of a hanged person is inappropriate you can change the shape. Perhaps a hanging lantern? 

In any case, the effect of drawing lines that correspond to letters and having kids guess and experience a visual outcome if they get it right or wrong is powerful. The procedural nature of this evergreen classroom game is very easy to follow and learn, and has special potential for younger students. 

Teacher playing hangman with students in a classroom on Interactive Display

2. Pictionary

Another classic, and this one never gets old even for adults as we all know. That’s why Pictionary’s great for learners (and teachers) of all ages. It’s further a superb way to practice language and artistic skills, brought together conveniently on the interactive display.

Kids get a word that they then draw on the interactive display, but can’t use letters or speak. When a classmate guesses correctly, they go next! It’s that simple. But it’s also very effective for retaining vocabulary, plus as mentioned above, a good chance to practice drawing. 

3. Board Race

Combines math, vocabulary, writing, and more as needed. A favorite among younger learners, but also applicable up to junior high level. To play, you’ll need to come up with a list of words or math equations and then present those to the kids. They will then use the words in sentences that they’ll make up, while math equations need to be solved on the interactive display.

If you’re using EZWrite on a BenQ Board, take advantage of the split screen feature to better and more conveniently arrange the class into teams and add a competitive flair to the game. 

If you have access to an NFC stylus, that makes the game a lot more fun and dynamic, as students quickly pass the pen to the teammate that’s next in line. 

Students take turns to complete sentences and equations, and the first team to have all members successfully carry out a task wins! 

4. Hot Seat

An excellent way to practice vocal expression and go over key concepts learned in class. Topics could be anything, but biology, history, and language are especially suitable.

To play, place a chair in front of the BenQ Board. Then, students take turns sitting in the chair facing the class, with their back to the board. The seated student then needs to guess a word or image shown on the interactive display based on hints given by the rest of the class, without saying the actual word in question, obviously. When the hot seat student succeeds in figuring out the word, they get to pick the next contestant. 

Students playing Hot Seat in classroom via Interactive Displays

Downloadable or Browser Games

The following games can be downloaded directly to your interactive display through BenQ Suggests or via internet browser

5. Kahoot!

Great app for quiz-based classroom gaming. Works for any level, and of benefit to every age group. You can access the massive quiz database, or make your own quizzes, up to you. Very good for promoting friendly competition and knowledge retention. However, does require additional devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, so keep that in mind.

There’s now a dedicated BenQ Board version of Kahoot!, which you can download directly to the interactive display.

Students actively and happily play Kahoot quiz game on Interactive Display- now available directly on BenQ education products!

6. Quizlet

Word and concept matching, so it’s very handy in exercising vocabulary retention. Different game modes available, including fill in the gap, match the word, flashcard, and type the answer. Everything you need is right at the game’s website, so make sure to check it out

7. GoNoodle

Highly active games that are perfect for energizing classes and encouraging movement. Those are known to boost student motivation and happiness, so it’s a win all around. 

GoNoodle is mostly recommended for grade school levels, and offers numerous game modes to choose from. Don’t miss out on those exciting and highly engaging games that have the potential to increase student focus in a big way. 

Students of Kankakee Elementary School dancing along a video played on BenQ Interactive Display

Students of Kankakee Elementary School dancing along a video played on BenQ Interactive Display

PowerPoint- Based Games

The following games can be played through most common presentation software that almost all teachers are familiar with- Microsoft PowerPoint. You can mirror these games from your computer or display directly on Windows-enabled Interactive Display. Templates for these games can be found on the internet easily and with a tiny bit of customization, you can make your class extremely fun and engaging.

8. Jeopardy

Famous game that works just like the TV version, and has students learning via a question and answer format with a team-based arrangement. Suitable for any grade. You’ll need to set your class up into two to six teams, and then download the template. The game can then be played directly on the interactive display. 

9. Family Feud

Another famous party game and TV game show that makes a seamless transition to modern classrooms. Great way to introduce fun quizzes that help you and the kids review learned topics. Also works for any level or grade, and only requires two teams. Get the template and instructions and prepare to have a wonderful time. 

10. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Everyone! And everybody also loves playing this game, which remains a popular fixture in global culture. The rules and concepts are familiar to most teachers and students from TV, and the importance of quizzes and knowledge retrieval should not be underestimated for learning purposes. Calls for lots of cooperation and team work, plus emphasizes volunteering. Full guidelines and templates available for download

It’s Playtime

Interactive displays show their versatility in many ways, with games just one of them. They’re obviously more than digital whiteboards to write stuff on, and games really highlight the smart and interactive aspect of these new generation educational platforms. We hope you’ll give some of these games a try, and are sure you and your students will have lots of fun. Even the sleepiest class comes to life when play is at hand, so don’t forget to give games a go. 

And best news of all? All these can be played with remote students in blended or hybrid learning classes too!

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