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Wireless Presentation
How to Select a Wireless Presentation System ?

The simple task of getting connected via wired sources still can lead to inefficient meetings as presenters fumble over getting connected. BenQ Instashow can help.


How Wireless Presentation Systems Help Meeting Efficiency ?

Do Wireless Presentation Instantly with High- Class Security

Leverage BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with InstaShow

8 Things to Consider before Purchasing a Wireless Presentation System

3 Common Myths About Wireless Presentation Systems

Calculate TCO for Wireless Presentation Systems

How to Setup the BenQ InstaShow to Maximize Wireless Security

The 5 Reasons You Need a Wireless Presentation System

Meeting Room Display
4 Devices that Can End Your Meeting Nightmares

The best collaboration devices, like the best waiters, are everywhere and often hard to notice. They exist to make your meetings run smoothly and impress you with the results you get.


Building the Next Gen Corporate Meeting Room
Case Studies
TCI Boosts Communication Efficiency with the BenQ Instashow

How to improve meeting dynamics and reach decisions faster are two of the main challenges in designing modern meeting spaces. BenQ is the right solution.


Removing the Knot: Accelerating and Facilitating Presentations at Toyota France

Century 21 France Joins the New Technology Millennium and Increases Sales Opportunities

Metro Systems Corporation Brings Wireless Presentation to its Advanced Learning Center

Competitor Comparison
Barco ClickShare CS100 versus Instashow WDC10

Wireless presentation systems vary. In this article we compare Barco ClickShare with BenQ Instashow WDC-10.


Kramer ViaGo versus InstaShow WDC10

Wireless presentation systems vary. In this article we compare the Kramer ViaGo with BenQ Instashow WDC-10.

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