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Full HD Wireless Presentations

InstaShow, the easy-to-use one button solution to quickly starting your meeting.

With strong encryption, no software to download , and no IT support needed, InstaShow is the best wireless presentation system for your meeting room.


How to Select a Wireless Presentation System ?
Plug & Play Wireless Presentation Solution


● No Software Installation and Execution
● Fast Response for Presentation Full HD Video
● High-Performance Wireless with Trustworthy Security Protection
● PC, Mac Compatible
● Simple Pairing and Hassle-Free Maintenance

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Plug In and Present Immediately

Do you ever find yourself struggling with presentation tech in the meeting room? Or have you experienced the awkward silence when the presenter’s laptop can’t connect to the display?

InstaShow™ is the solution to these problems and more. Explicitly designed to reduce downtime and uncomfortable silences, InstaShow allows presenters to kick off productive meetings with greater efficiency than ever before.

How Wireless Presentation Systems Help Meeting Efficiency

Software-Free Highly Secure Operation

Are you concerned about protecting your company’s innovative intellectual property? Or maybe you want to keep viruses and malware off your laptop? InstaShow™ offers no-hassle protection against both hackers and corporate spies.

Because it’s an all-hardware solution that requires no software, drivers, or downloads of any kind, InstaShow completely eliminates many potential entry points that viruses and malware can exploit.


3 Critical Reasons InstaShow Lets You Present Instantly and Safely
Choose Your InstaShow
Size of Meeting Room

Small to medium

(up to 15 people)

Small to medium

(up to 15 people)

Larger meeting room

(16 to 32 people)

Input Device Laptop Laptop Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop
Split-Screen Functionality No No Yes
Maximum Resolution Full HD Full HD 4K
Connectivity HDMI+ USB USB-C HDMI+USB, App
Radio Range Up to 8m Up to 8m Up to 15m
Maximum linked stations 16 16 32
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