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Corporate Meeting Room Display Series

Engage your audience
Get more work done

With the right display, it’s easy to grab your audience’s attention. More than just crisp visuals, BenQ
Corporate Display offers tools and features that simplify setups and foster highly collaborative discussions.

We’ve made it easy for you to present

We’ve taken out all things that can steal your time and take focus off your presentation.
BenQ Corporate Display simplifies meeting preparations by removing the need for wires, drives, and even laptops.

Your conference, your call

With a flexible display that adjusts to the way you meet, you can conveniently host or join video conferences with the right software and camera that matches your meeting requirements.

Pantone mode of BenQ SL digital signage providing100% end-to-end color fidelity and  consistency

Optimal Color Precision Highlights Every Moment

BenQ SL02 Series is the world's first professional displays which receive Pantone validation. Color accuracy makes a considerable difference in getting the right message across.

More ways to collaborate

Do more than just present. Use the CS to collaborate on projects with the Duo OS and Duo Windows modes that let you simultaneously run different operating systems or apps on the display.

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